Will Louisville Run The Score Up to Bolster Their Place in the Polls?

Posted on Aug 1 2013 - 9:06am by Ethan Moore

UofL is ranked 9th to start the season, and the USA TODAY Coaches Poll is a third of the equation of the BCS calculations.  We asked Coach Strong at the Governor’s Cup press conference if he would be placing an emphasis on scoring as many points as possible as to continue to move up in the polls.  It was a delicately worded question that had no mention of “running the score up” in an effort to see his mindset for the upcoming season from the offense.  He quickly shot that idea down saying that that they wouldn’t “run the score up” on anybody, even though that dreaded phrase wasn’t mentioned in the question.  But if you delve into the numbers, the statistics bare it out; Coach Strong’s (and Coach Watson’s) offense isn’t designed to….you guessed it, run the score up.  Under Strong:

*the offense has scored 40 or more points in a game just 4 times

*in the opening game of the season, UofL is averaging just 23 points

*against FCS competition, UofL is averaging just 26 points per game

*UofL has just five victories of margins larger than 21 points and eight wins by 14 points or more

That’s not to say the Cards can’t score points because UofL has put 30+ points on the board 13 times in Strong’s three years at the helm.  Even though Charlie has said they won’t run it up, his offense is loaded with NFL-type talent at the skill positions.  Give the offense this manageable schedule and they will most likely be able to do serious work on the score board regardless of the gameplan.

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