Update: Karen Sypher Still Crazy, Releases Book

Posted on Apr 25 2012 - 9:31am by Brent Lepping


I mean, just look at those eyes. They scream, “hey, I’m sane, and like, totally telling the truth.” She’s got nothing on Larry David and Krazee Eyez Killah. Anyway, Karen Sypher has released a book from the friendly confines of her Florida prison camp and once again it appears to be full of bullsh*t and purported lies. The book, entitled ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ chronicles her disillusionment with the justice system and reveals a warped mind still caught up in what she claims to be a vast conspiracy by Pitino, law enforcement and the government to protect the Louisville head coach and put her far out of reach. Sypher is currently serving an 87-month sentence for attempting to extort cars, cash and a house from Pitino. In the book she repeats her original claims that Pitino raped her twice in 2003 and then had the UofL equipment manager (Tim Sypher) try to date her – and ultimately marry her – in order to keep her quiet. Of course, nearly all of her conspiracy theory was shot down in federal court as a jury unanimously rejected her plea and found her guilty. Pitino, on the other hand, admitted to having consensual sex, but nothing past that. He won’t issue any more statements on the subject, but this was released yesterday by his attorney, Steve Pence:

“Ms. Sypher is a convicted felon repeating the same lies that a federal jury unanimously rejected. The commonwealth’s attorney reached the same conclusion. Unlike Ms. Sypher, Coach Pitino testified truthfully, was cross-examined and passed a polygraph examination, all of which magnifies the enormity of her lies. Despite the verdict, from behind prison bars she continues to seek and find forums to peddle her delusional story.”

Perhaps the best part of the whole book-release is the fact that in the process she’s managed to alienate her newly-assembled legal team. The book contains pieces of evidence and bits of information that could have been used in her upcoming Appeals Case on May 31st in Cincinnati. Her legal team is reportedly enraged about the timing of the book release and now fear that some of the alleged “facts” in the book could hurt her chances at getting a new trial. Another interesting factoid about the book is that it was co-authored by a man with the pseudonym Giovanni Rustino, who has supposedly served time with Sypher. Furthermore, on her official website, she states that “a percentage of the proceeds from the book will go to rape victims,” though it does not say which group or how much of the proceeds.

I actually feel really bad for her kids because they obviously don’t deserve to go through this sort of sordid, public scandal. It’s a shame that she didn’t think more about them before trying to concoct a half-ass scheme to take on the federal justice system. But when it comes to Sypher herself, she’s simply getting everything she deserves.

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