UofL/ACC Football News & Links: Spring Game, Scrimmage, Scheduling

Posted on Apr 14 2015 - 11:10am by Ethan Moore
Photo - Andy Lyons, Getty Images

Photo – Andy Lyons, Getty Images

*The Spring Game is Friday at 7:00.  Let’s pack the Papa….

*UofL’s non-conference schedule ranks towards the bottom of the ACC.  (Thanks, UK)

NC State is hoping it’s building toward contention in the Atlantic, and a weak non-conference slate (13th among ACC schools) should help boost win totals. But will it reflect poorly for potential New Year’s Six games? North Carolina is in a similar boat, ranking 12th in the league in future non-conference schedule — a slate that includes a matchup against fellow ACC member Wake Forest that will be played as a non-conference game. Louisville’s schedule also isn’t overwhelming for a program that considers itself on the fringes of playoff contention already, while BC brings up the rear with among the least impressive slates in the Power 5 over the next five seasons. Each of those programs is currently in a building stage, but it will be interesting to see if at least a few will take steps to improve the scheduling — and, ideally, committee perception — as they gain better footing in the ACC.

*ACC All Sports Discussion takes a look at why the ACC wanted conference championships deregulated.

2) Move to no Divisions

I think this idea actually makes more sense. No Divisions would allow the top 2 teams in the ACC to play in the ACCCG. This would also allow for the most flexible scheduling with a handful of permanent opponents, and then a rotation through the rest of the ACC. Of course one of the top two teams, could knock out the other from the playoff. I’d counter that with interest in the ACCCG would be an at all time high, and a team could play their way into the playoff. Last year’s game between Georgia Tech and Florida State – the top 2 teams in the ACC, was the most anticipated ACCCG in history.

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