UofL Tourney Tidbits: More Stats & Predictions

Posted on Mar 18 2015 - 10:50am by Ethan Moore


The Cards are heading to Seattle this afternoon and will get locked in to the task at hand shortly thereafter.  Here are a few UofL-related NCAA Tournament blurbs to help get you prepared for the madness ahead….

*Louisville was ranked 15th overall by the selection committee.

The NCAA has released its full ranking from the selection committee, featuring all 68 tournament teams. Feast your eyes on the list below and see if you agree with how the group feels about this year’s field.

*The opening lines for each match-up….as you can see, we’ve already had two upsets.

*A ton of news and other notables here.  A very interesting overview.

4: Louisville’s seed this year, and Louisville’s seed four of the past five seasons. And Louisville’s seed in six of the past 13 seasons.

*As you would expect, Nike dominates the NCAA Tournament field.  adidas has 11 schools in the ‘Big Dance’.

*UofL has a 75% chance of beating UC Irvine and 41% chance of knocking off UNI.

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