UofL Coordinators Turned Down Overtures from the Raiders & Oklahoma

Posted on Jan 29 2015 - 2:30pm by Ethan Moore

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UofL’s defensive coordinator was offered the same position with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders while the Cards’ OC chose not to interview at Oklahoma.  Signing Day is next week and both Todd Grantham and Garrick McGee have been in the news by turning down overtures from other franchises/schools.  That bodes well for the future of Louisville football and – as always – ESPN ACC Blogger Andrea Adelson nails it with her summation.

The decision Grantham made may have been a little more surprising to some, considering his NFL background. He spent 11 years as an NFL assistant and does have a desire to be a head coach one day, on either level.

But in the end, there were several factors at play. The Raiders are not exactly built to win now. Louisville is. He already is one of the highest paid coordinators in the country at almost $1 million per season. Plus, the Grantham family has made a home in Louisville and wanted to stay. He was not ready to walk away after just one year on the job.

It was, in fact, a year ago this month that Grantham decided to leave Georgia for Louisville. Since then, Grantham has been asked repeatedly why he would leave the SEC. Each time, he said he truly believed Louisville was a school that could win a national championship.

McGee believes the same. Petrino believes the same. For the next year at least, they will work together to try and make that happen.

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