U of L Big Man Recruit Joel Embiid Highlight Video

Posted on Sep 13 2012 - 9:45am by Nick Burch

It was reported over the weekend that Rick Pitino offered 7-0 Cameroon native Joel Embiid a scholarship, and we now have a highlight video of him in action (tip of the hat to Card Chronicle).


-He is very, very, very, very, VERY raw. You can the potential is there, but it is very clear he is still learning the game.

-I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Pitino knows exactly what type of center he wants. Embiid, Moses Kingsley, Akoy Agau, Mangok Mathiang, Gorgui Dieng: all raw, mostly defensive minded, African-born players who are still learning the game. After the success he has had with Dieng, no one should question that.

-It is pretty obvious that despite adding Mangok Mathiang late, Pitino is not satisfied with the frontcourt for the future as he has Agau (a player I really like) visiting this weekend, Kingsley visiting soon, and just offered Embiid. While he may very well lose Dieng after this season and will definitely lose Stephan Van Treese, it makes one wonder just how much faith he has in Zach Price. It could be that he simply wants to bolster the depth and get as many of the above type of prospects as he can, but it will be interesting to see how Price progresses this season.

-Pretty amusing moment at about the 0:44 mark when he raises his hands after scoring like he has been fouled. It just did not look natural, like he was forcing it, as if he is not only learning the game, but learning how to contest calls as well.

-It will always amaze me how good players like this can become after only playing basketball such a short amount of time. He has only been playing about 18 months and is a high division-1 prospect. Of course, the fact that he is 7-0 helps, but still impressive nonetheless. If players with that size can be taught the skills, i.e., Gorgui Dieng, it is a coach’s dream. I have been playing basketball most of my life and have yet to hit 7-0. Still waiting.

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