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Though NFL star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a long road to recovery, he should find inspiration behind two notable individuals, including a former...Continue reading »

As I was watching the Manhattan game yesterday evening with a few friends, a conversation sparked about the importance and effectiveness of two crucial Cardinal players. As the conversation heated up, flames of bets started erupting across the room, and I suddently  found myself in a healthy debate about the progress and eventual production of the sophomores Wayne...Continue reading »

I love this time of year. The weather is cooling down. The “Oktoberfest” style beer is flowing. Football is in full swing (with an undefeated squad) and basketball is knocking at the door (with a top 3 pre-season ranking depending on the polls). I think you can now understand my excitement to sit courtside for the Red-White pointless scrimmage on Saturday...Continue reading »