Shifting the Cost to the Fans (Again) Isn’t the Answer for Amended Yum! Lease

Posted on Jul 21 2017 - 7:53am by Ethan Moore



When the dust settled after the flurry of meetings with three different Boards, one things looks for certain – the fans will be taxed, once again. The way the “negotiations” went down couldn’t have gone any worse. The city, the state, UofL, and the athletics department weren’t on the same page during this and it was painfully obvious. How the athletics department and Tom Jurich were painted as villains in this is mind boggling. The city wanted UofL to play downtown and after good faith negotiating, a deal was made – agreed to by BOTH PARTIES. Yes it was a sweetheart deal, but UofL had all the leverage.

Fast forward to yesterday where UofL ultimately signed off on being an even better team player to the tune of an additional $2.5 million annually. Where will the money come from? All options are on the table, but Interim Presdient Postel said the fans will bare the brunt of the cost.

After all of the drama UofL fans have been through with the Powell scandal, UofL should not only apologize to the fans, but should reach out with some sort of goodwill to the fans. However – once again – it appears UofL will go in the exact opposite direction and basically tax the fans further with higher ticket cost. In the lease contract, the Arena Authority and UofL can charge up to $8 per ticket per game. Currently it’s $2. Your average fan will be priced out of games if this trend continues. The fans already pay enough, and it’s even worse to charge more for tickets while historic NCAA sanctions loom in the distance. Based on our unofficial poll, fans aren’t willing to continue to pay the increases.

With all that is going on, it’s best that UofL recognize and truly appreciate CardNation, not tax them further.

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