Rick Pitino Blog Update – Jay Bilas for BE Commissioner, Starting Line-up, Etc.

Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 8:57am by Brent Lepping


This one kind of slipped through the cracks this weekend, but Louisville head coach Rick Pitino updated his blog for the first time since early June and he tackled a few of the questions he’s most asked by fans and media alike. Among them, who he thinks should be the next Big East commissioner, the potential staring line-up for 2012-2013 and how the pressure seems to be on a different level than years past.

1.     The future of the BIG EAST? leadership, leadership, leadership would be my answer.

The BIG EAST has become a collection of universities with little in common. But its diversity could be its strength in the long run. We will miss Syracuse because of their BIG EAST tradition. Pittsburgh has been outstanding in basketball but the combination of Temple and Memphis will bring great basketball to the conference. Now the $99,000 question… Who to hire as BIG EAST Commissioner?

Here is what the commissioner must posses:

            *A presence that Presidents and Athletic Directors will respect.

            *A strong personality and creative thinker.

*A television background and a total understanding of the diversity of its constituents.

*An ability to bring football into the limelight . 

Well Dave Gavitt’s vision could be carried out by one man that has come to the necessary way of thinking towards the future. That man is Jay Bilas. I would take a portion of the Syracuse and Pittsburgh money, give him a 5 year contract and pay him 2 million per year. He has charisma, knows T.V., has a legal background, outstanding presence, and a creative thinker. He would be a grand slam.

2.     How will the pressure be different this season?

Nothing changes except the fundamentals must continue to improve. If the players stay humble, hungry, and healthy we will live up to our potential. It’s imperative to enjoy the journey and let November be different than March.

3.     Who will start this year?

Never really thought with a running, pressing team that matters. Peyton and Gorgui probably will start. Chane battles Montrezl. Kevin Ware battles Russ and Luke. Luke battles Wayne. Angel battles three different guys. Competition makes teams better. It should be fun each and every day of practice.

First off, I’ve been on the record numerous times as saying that Bilas would make an outstanding head coach. He’s obviously got the knowledge, connections and passion to be an elite head coach at the D-1 level, and he’s probably more in touch with the younger culture than virtually any other broadcaster in his peer group (Jeezy, anyone?). Thing is, the gig he has right now………..ummmm, not so bad. Think about it. Minimal stress, an entire off-season that doesn’t consist of chasing around high school kids at AAU Tournaments or blowing up their cell phones, and though I don’t know for sure what he earns financially, one can only assume he does quite well for himself. But this Big East commissioner idea is a bit different. Yeah the stress level would increase dramatically, but I agree with Pitino in the sense that he’d be a grand slam in terms of his forward-thinking, legal background and understanding of the overall landscape. Plus, he would potentially be paid millions to finally put to use some of the numerous ideas he has regarding the ever-shifting nature of college sports. Coaches will have no say (or voting rights) in the search for the new commissioner, but it’s an incredibly interesting thought and one, according to Zag’s Blog, that other Big East coaches seem to share.

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