Rick Pitino Gives Us Another Blog Update

Posted on Sep 20 2012 - 5:18pm by Charlie Roth








Rick Pitino took to the blogs again Thursday morning, talking about turning 60, his players’ offseason progression, and attending Saturday’s game against FIU in Miami.

Here are some things that stuck out in Pitino’s blog.

  • Peyton Siva and Kevin Ware are the two backcourt players who have stuck out this offseason. Ware is developing a consistent jump shot.
  • Russ suffered a minor ankle injury and has missed the past two practices.
  • Luke Hancock and Mike Marra are about a week away being able to practice.
  • Gorgui still needs to work on becoming a better passer and rebounder.
  • Chane needs to work on his jumper.
  • Wayne needs to work on his diet and conditioning (like we haven’t heard that enough).
  • Nunez needs to learn how to move without the ball and pass out of pressure.
  • Montrezl is really benefiting from going up against Gorgui and Chane. He competes as hard as anyone on the team.
  • This team has a great attitude and work ethic.
  • They will find success as long as they stay humble and hungry.
  • Pitino will be heading down to Miami for Saturday’s game against FIU. He’s trying to get Richard to agree that winner buys dinner.
  • Pitino closed out his Thursday blog by saying that recruiting is “exciting and gratifying”.


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