Rick Pitino Blog Update: 5/15/12

Posted on May 15 2012 - 9:58am by Brent Lepping


Bloggin’ Rick has made a triumphant return to the blogosphere where he gives updates on the team schedule, recruiting periods, player updates and more. Though the updates are certainly not earth shattering, it’s hard to read the player evaluations and not get a little fired up. This will be the team I think he’s looked to assemble since arriving here 11 years ago. A mixture of  talented veterans that have all been through the Big East and NCAA Tournament wars. I know we’re all excited, but I’m sure somewhere Rick’s smiling too.  Highlights include a Blackshear – Paul Pierce comparison and the arrival of perhaps the greatest nickname in the history of ever. Behold ‘Dark Slime’, everyone.

Here’s an excerpt of his update and you read the entire piece here.

There are many skills we want to see improve with our players this summer.


Gorgui Dieng    

      – Strength and weight gain

              -Turning over his right shoulder with low post moves

              -3pt shooting- One make per game (have to keep the big fella happy).


Chane   Behanan 

– Balance on jumpshot. Release out and above head instead of behind his


-One on one moves. What we call straight line body to body moves, bullying  

 defense to the basket.               

-Defensive footwork



-Introduce him to passing (lol)

-Improve balance on jumpshot

-Recognize high percentage shots vs. low percentage ones

-Improve his 3pt shooting


Peyton Siva

-Just continue what we started the last month of the season.

-He has made great strides with is technique on jumper.

– Passionate worker!


Luke Hancock

-Rehab until August.

-Move his jumpshot more on right side of head.

-It will take him all of September to regain form.

-Like Peyton, passionate worker!


Zach Price

-Free throw shooting improvement a must

-Arc on jumpshot

-Low post moves, turning over left shoulder

-Passing vs. pressure

-Conditioning is his biggest weakness

Angel Nunez


-Defensive footwork

-Like Russdiculous, will introduce him to the art of passing

-Developing consistency with his jumpshot.


Tim Henderson

-Arc on jumper, major key to improvement on his shot.

-Buy him a hair brush so he can brush once a month

-Also passionate worker


Michael Baffour

-AKA (Dark Slime) Don’t ask, Russ’s nickname.

-Newest walk on from Lexington, will replace the Bullet.

-Have to determine what his best position will be.


Rock and Mike Marra

-Will continue rehab and quickness drills.


Stephan Van Treese

–       Like Zach, arc on jumper

–       Conditioning

–       Turning over right shoulder in low post


Looking Back at Our Tournament Run

 Our Big East Championship was special and a much needed boost to our self esteem. We put all of our eggs in this basket. It was great to see the players and fans enjoy the four games in four nights. We left the Garden with great confidence, ready to compete on all cylinders. The injuries were a thing of the past. I learned about some of our guys competing under the pressure of the NCAA each round.

 Gorgui – It finally hit him, the magnitude of March Madness.   I saw a little nervousness for the first time. His experience will help him immensely next season.

 Chane – Tough kid, mentally and physically. Confident and backs it up.

 Russ – My friend Lesley Visser said it best: He can play great for both teams. There’s some truth to that, but we would be swimming in the Ohio River without him.

 Swop – He felt zero pressure and was ready to step up.

 Wayne – Reminds me a lot personally of Paul Pierce.  Great competitor who will not back down.

 Peyton was Peyton – reliable and just the best young guy I’ve seen in many a year.

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  1. reg May 15, 2012 at 11:29 am - Reply

    I guess Blackshear and Ware don't need to improve on anything?

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  2. Otis G's pimp boot May 15, 2012 at 11:30 am - Reply

    I know Rock is gonna miss all of next year, does this mean the same for Marra?

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  3. Brent Lepping May 16, 2012 at 8:32 am - Reply

    It looks like he updated the blog last night and added Ware – still no Blackshear, though. No clue why.

    Otis, from all indications I would assume Mike would be back next year, he just hasn't played in so long Rick just doesn't have much to say about him. Though he did indicate at his last presser that his ACL tear was much more severe than originally thought.

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  5. essaypro March 8, 2017 at 10:42 am - Reply

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