Proposal: Changing the UofL Spring Game Format

Posted on May 22 2014 - 11:31am by Ethan Moore


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I’ll begin by stating that this spring game overhaul isn’t my idea.  ESPN College Football Analyst Danny Kanell brought it up last year and it’s worth repeating.  Paraphrasing him, he proposed a spring game that would entail a FBS school (in our case Louisville) playing an in-state FCS school (Murray State) in a controlled scrimmage.  QBs wouldn’t be hit; perhaps there would be a running clock in the second half.  That scenario would make for a much more entertaining – and meaningful – experience and fans and players alike.

We exist in a society that lives and breathes college football and an exhibition of sorts in April would make for several games across the nation to satisfy fans’ appetites for some pigskin.  You know that ESPN and the other networks would be all over the concept.  Sure Florida State-Florida A&M and Notre Dame-Indiana State, etc. would be  blowouts, but that game would give both of those programs much more than an intersquad scrimmage would.  The first-teamers would take the majority of the snaps in the first half, while the second and third-team guys took over after halftime.  Coach Petrino had his team go through a pregame walk-through during last month’s spring game. That ritual would take on more meaning if that game were against someone other than themselves.

In this case, it would be a win-win situation for both schools and everyone involved.  The FBS school would get fresh competition, the FCS school would get a nice paycheck, and the fans would get a true game in April.  Why not charge $5 for tickets and promote it as an exhibition game?  It would be the perfect event to stage at the midway point of the football offseason.  If UofL would schedule the game on a Saturday night at 7:00, you could expect 40,000 Cards fans to file in PJCS to watch.

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