Possible Home and Home with Michigan in the Near Future?

Posted on Sep 27 2012 - 8:30pm by Charlie Roth










Yesterday, Notre Dame announced that they would opt out of their rivalry game with Michigan from 2015 to 2017 to make space to accommodate their new deal with the ACC . Associated Press writer Ralph Russo lists some possible candidates who could fill the void Notre Dame left on Michigan’s schedule, and he acknowledges that Louisville could be good choice.

LOUISVILLE (OR CINCINNATI) — The Cardinals have room on the schedule and might even agree to a two-for-one deal, in which they make two trips to the Big House for one visit to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium by the Wolverines. How about this: Michigan and Louisville at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati? If nothing else, it might tick off Ohio State fans, and doesn’t that alone make it worth it for Michigan? Striking a similar deal with Cincinnati makes sense, too, but the Bearcats are booked up for 2015.

A home and home with Michigan would certainly help Louisville start to attract some much needed national attention and should help Charlie Strong take this program to the next level.

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