Pitino Updates Player Improvement in Latest Blog Entry

Posted on Jun 6 2012 - 4:53pm by Ethan Moore

Coach Pitino wants to see Wayne evolve into the player he knows he can be.


Coach P doesn’t blog as much as we all would like, but when he does, it is packed with great info.  In this installment, he describes in detail how they are working with each player’s jump shot.  Additionally, he gives his thoughts on Montrezl Harrell, the NBA Playoffs, and the Belmont.  Some tidbits:

Russ Smith:   It’s interesting how much Russdiculous has changed in two years. Upon arrival as a freshman, we witnessed someone who didn’t’ like the weight room and could not bench press 125 pounds. He now does 185 lbs., 17 times. He had a contest with pull ups vs. Peyton. Peyton got 35 but told Russ, who has gained eight lbs., that he weighed 15 lbs. more. Russ put on a sand bag around his neck and did 36.  Pretty amazing!   We are not only concentrating on his form, but trying to cut down on his off balance shots. He’s stronger, wiser and a lock-down defender. He’s maturing into a fierce competitor. Real proud of him.

Wayne Blackshear: Three areas of concentration –

    • Getting ball over his forehead on jumper
    • Drawing body-to-body vs. his defender. He has a tendency to drive wide off his jab.
    • Keep him healthy. He’s had enough time away from the court. It’s time to step up and be the player I know he can be.

Peyton Siva:  He’s worked diligently at developing proper form. We do a shooting drill at the end of individuals; two balls and three shooters. They are on the move from the clock for two minutes. Our record was 35 and it was broken by Peyton, Russ and Kevin. I was shocked to see these three do it. Peyton missed two shots during the rapid fire in the shooting drill. It’s not only difficult to break 30, but it’s an extremely tough conditioner.

Kevin Ware: The third member of the trifecta that broke the record. He’s made the biggest strides in improving his shot. Pretty similar to Russ as a freshman, in that he’s weak and doesn’t enjoy the weight room. It’s always the same. As they get stronger you witness a different attitude. He is an explosive athlete and I’ve witnessed noticeable improvement on offense.  He must get stronger and work harder when he fatigues. That will come with maturity.

Great stuff to help CardNation get through the summer….

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