Pitino Provides More Insight into the Offseason

Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 11:01pm by Ethan Moore
Photo - Yahoo

Photo – Yahoo

The C-J’s Jeff Greer caught up with Coach Pitino, who was in Indianapolis to receive an award from the NABC.  He shed more light on the offseason plans, including naming Mangok a captain.  He also laid out his plan for recruiting over the next few weeks.

On his team’s needs: What we’re going to have is an awesome attitude because Mangok is a phenomenal leader. He cares little about himself and cares a lot about the team. He’s very enthustiastic, so he’s going to be a great leader. What we have to do is — we’ve got a lot of talent coming back, our bigs are going to be very good, they’re all going to be special in their own way. What we have to get is a fifth-year senior, or maybe two, because we need to get some experience into this talented young group. We’re going to get that done.

On if he’s looking specifically for shooters: That’s a mandatory thing in my life. For the next 40 years I’m going to live in my life, I’m never recruiting a non-shooter ever again.

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