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*UofL’s defense ruled the day once again as the Cards surrendered only 215 total yards to FIU.  117 through the air and 88 on the ground. *In the last two meetings, UofL has outscored FIU, 106-3. *Gerod Holliman continued to impress, hauling in two more picks.  He now has 5 on the season, which is second in the nation. *Through four games, UofL is 7th nationally in Total Defense and 12th in Scoring Defense. *While the defense has been solid, the offense has been inconsistent – at best. *The O-Line again was porous, allowing FIU...Continue reading »

  Following a disappointing 23-21 upset loss at UVA, the Louisville coaching staff called the practice week leading up to this Saturday’s matchup at FIU among the best the team’s had since they arrived on the scene. If the Cards’ performance Saturday afternoon was any indication of a great week at practice, this team’s season could be in serious jeopardy. Going up against a team some believe to be among the worst in FBS college football, the Louisville offense showed almost no signs of improvement from being exposed...Continue reading »

John Calipari’s whining about Coach K’s involvement in Team USA sparking a ton of debate in these parts over the last couple of days.  Syracuse’s Boeheim put Cal on blast, essentially getting the entire out to the mainstream media.  Coach Pitino attended a clinic yesterday in New Jersey and was asked about the Coach K-Team USA partnership.  As you would expect, the UofL head man took to Coach K’s defense.  Besides, it’s not like he wouldn’t jump at the chance to make Cailpari’s stance on the matter...Continue reading »

The wild and crazy ride that was conference realignment is over and all is calm in the Power 5.  However, it’s interesting to revisit the madness after an article from quoted the “Mouth of the South” Paul Finebaum in saying the Hokies were courted by the big, bad SEC a couple of years ago.  VT spurned the initial interest according to Finebaum, so maybe they deserve some props staying put, even before the Clemson/FSU-Big 12 interest.  When the ACC gets its own network, it’s likely that even the...Continue reading »

The C-J’s Adam Himmelsbach hit it out of the park with this piece, detailing how the Bonnafon family is coping with the loss of Reggie’s dad, Wallace.  We found out Monday that his father had died, but we weren’t sure what was ailing him.  From the article, it’s great to know that Reggie and his father had a fantastic relationship.  Perhaps even more important is the fact Reggie spent some quality time together just hours before his death.  That is sure to bring Reggie some peace during this difficult time.  Our...Continue reading »

On this edition of LSL, we breakdown the loss to Virginia and look ahead to rest of the season, while looking at the shady side of college basketball recruiting. With Mike: -Why Antonio Blakeney really decommitted and what led to that decision -Who is on Pitino’s radar now to get that fourth scholarship -Why the offense was so bad against UVa -Can the offensive line get any better? -How Petrino can improve the offensive woes -The strength of the defense With Andrea: -The state of the ACC -Why she wasn’t shocked UofL lost to UVa -The...Continue reading »

  Well, this should end well for Doron Lamb. In case you haven’t heard, the former UK player and current member of the Orlando Magic sent out a tweet a little while ago that shook the social media world. Lamb, basically out of nowhere, tweeted: “If you play for UK you can get whatever you want, trust me I know.” After a quick outpour of responses and mentions on Twitter (which quickly led to his name trending in Kentucky), he predictably deleted what he said. Fortunately, the internet force is strong with some people...Continue reading »

It’s a question that many UofL fans have asked for the last day or so; should Louisville have re-signed with adidas?  The three stripes don’t have the pull – or the connections – that Nike does and it cost them an elite basketball recruit.  The casual fans often gloss over the role that shoe companies play in the dirty game of recruiting, but the Blakeney saga brought it to light.  Like it or not, Nike has the power to “sway” top-notch recruits to one of their sponsored schools.  And after what happened...Continue reading »

You hear the saying “time flies” throughout your life and those two words certainly apply here at Louisville Sports Live.  Back in September of 2011, we took our product from podcasting in basements to the airwaves of ESPN 680.  This month – our fourth season of UofL sports and third year on the air, we’d like to say thank you to our readers and listeners and to the fine folks at ESPN 680.  Over the years we’ve amassed an impressive guest list and we look forward to adding to it.  It’s been fun to watch...Continue reading »

When the news broke last night of Antonio Blakeney’s decommitment, 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst Jerry Meyer took to twitter insinuating that Nike swayed his quick decision.  We won’t bore you with re-hashing the entire situation and surrounding circumstances again, but the C-J’s Adam Himmelsbach spoke to Meyer and got a lot more information about his initial thoughts on how Nike – and Blakeney’s inner circle – ultimately got what they wanted.  An elite recruit all but sure to sign with a Nike...Continue reading »

  5-star SG Antonio Blakeney has visited Louisville 5 times and stated when he committed, he had been wanting to do so for more than 2 months, but now he has all of a sudden changed his story. After decommitting late Monday night, he stated he “rushed” into his decision and wanted to see more schools. So to recap: visited Louisville 5 times, had been wanting to commit for 2 months, but now says it was a “rushed” decision. That logic seems a little fishy, does it not? Now factor in that the 4 schools he wants to...Continue reading »

  Here’s the thing about college basketball recruiting: it’s simply impossible to get into the mind of a 17 or 18-year-old kid. Hell, I know when I was that age indecision and being spontaneous were synonymous with one another and often times led to mistakes or making the wrong choice in life. I can’t imagine the weight that these 4 and 5-star recruits feel as they prepare to make what could be the biggest decision of their lives up to that point: which college to attend. After all, for better or worse, it will provide...Continue reading »

  You can nitpick about the Louisville offense all you want, and with pretty good reason. After the unit’s subpar, turnover-riddled performance on Saturday against Virginia, obviously there’s plenty of room for improvement. But one part of this team that has excelled and looked pretty damn effective through its first three games, is the defense. In particular, two of their safeties: James Sample and Gerod Holliman. As a whole, the Louisville defense (which ranks 12th in the nation in total defense) is allowing just 19.0 points...Continue reading »