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    I wonder what we’ll talk about tonight. My head still isn’t wrapped around what took place last week. Time for some venting, thoughts, and some analysis. Men’s Basketball * Rick Pitino needed to be fired. I feel like news of another scandal just flat out gave the university no choice. The “I didn’t know” excuse only flies one time. I genuinely believe Rick Pitino knew nothing about Andre McGee’s actions with Katina Powell, but for something else to take place and therefore being...Continue reading »

Training camp is just beginning for the Boston Celtics, but it is starting off competitive for Terry Rozier and Kyrie Irving.  The NBA offseason had already been a wild one to remember, but the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers took it to another level of crazy.  In case you have been out of the loop, Cavs superstar Kyrie Irving had openly wanted out of Cleveland. His wish created quite the dramatic scene amongst their Front Office and shook his relationship with LeBron James. Inevitably, Irving would be dealt.  The surprise...Continue reading »

  For the first time in 46 years, the University of Louisville men’s basketball program will enter a season led by a coach not named Rick Pitino or Denny Crum. Also permanently absent from Louisville athletics moving forward will be the school’s athletic director of the past 20 years, Tom Jurich. Unfortunate and disappointing as it may be, given all each did for the university and city, Pitino made his bed when he oversaw his third major national scandal of his tenure (committing the third when he was still on probation for...Continue reading »

The annual NBA Media Day was more intriguing than usual due to the rebranding of uniforms for the 2017-18 season.  The NBA season is here! Well…almost. Players have rejoined their respective NBA teams after a few months away from the hardwood. Today marked the annual season tip-0ff, known as NBA Media Day. For some player such as 2013 NCAA National Champion Gorgui Dieng, summertime was not much of a break. Dieng decided to represent his home country, Senegal, in the 2017 AfroBasket.  With no break, Gorgui is undoubtedly tired....Continue reading »

The last week has been an eventful one for University of Louisville athletics. We all went into the week pretty surly over football’s loss to Clemson. Men’s soccer looked forward to a three-game homestand. Women’s soccer prepared for litmus tests against Florida State and Miami.  Cards fans, are we in better moods? An unlikely hero has emerged to bring smiles to our faces for the first time since losing to Clemson. Who was it?  Lamar Jackson? Only if you ignore the interception he threw against Kent State.  UK’s...Continue reading »

  Few things in the lives of average Americans build up our hopes and then brutally let us down quite like sequels to some of Hollywood’s most popular films. The feelings that made us fall in love with these movies in the first place are more often than not lacking in their follow ups, and rather than reminiscing about them as you do their predecessor, we are instead forced to block them out of our heads in order to keep safe the memories of the original. Louisville football fans are now starting to relate to these feelings, perhaps...Continue reading »

  The Clemson fans that traveled to Louisville are still doing their chant at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. They have good reason to.  Painful as it is, let’s review. I mean, wasn’t everything under review Saturday night anyway? CLEMSON  -The Clemson Tigers football program is right in the middle of a dynasty. The program is at its highest point. They’re in a class with Alabama and that’s pretty much it. I think back to an Alabama game around ten years ago where Georgia hosted the Crimson Tide on...Continue reading »

Last night was probably the lowest I’ve ever felt as a fan walking out of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. I always choose to stay until the clock hits 0:00. I grew up outside of Louisville and would’ve loved the opportunity to attend home games every weekend. Now that I have that opportunity, I stay in my seat win or lose. That doesn’t mean that last night wasn’t painful seeing the Clemson fans ready to party. Between social media, national media, and what you will hear on talk radio this week (or last night), you’ll...Continue reading »

  The sound of Johnny Cash’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is in all likelihood subconsciously, yet audibly, making its way through the hearts and minds of Louisville fans everywhere. After three straight years of nail-biting, frustrating defeats at the hands of the Clemson Tigers, fans had hoped that given the grudge mentality, the College GameDay atmosphere, and a raucous home crowd would finally propel the Cards to victory, just as they did at home vs. Florida State last season. Maybe the Cards weren’t a playoff...Continue reading »

“He’s just threatened by you. He’s afraid you’ll steal his thunder.” These are the words PGA publicist Virginia Bennett uttered in the 1996 hit comedy “Happy Gilmore” when explaining why the title character was getting the backhanded treatment from seasoned pro Shooter McGavin. This is a line that should stick out to Louisville fans, especially this week, for as reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals prepare to take on the 3rd-ranked Clemson Tigers, it is with a similar attitude that is apparently...Continue reading »

On this episode of LSL, the guys spoke to’s Larry Williams on Saturday’s upcoming matchup. In the second hour, Dez Fitzpatrick’s father, Greg, was on the program discussing his son’s recruiting process, why he picked UofL, and what makes him so good. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)...

      This week’s Monday Review comes on a Wednesday afternoon after grad school work and teacher work got in the way of talking about the fun stuff. I finally have a chance to breathe, so let’s review last week that was for the good guys. The Cardinals had a week that set up for an even bigger week ahead. UofL football and soccer programs all saw action. Men’s basketball even grabbed a few headlines.  Football: North Carolina -We had Lamar Jackson, and the Tar Heels did not.  Jackson accounted...Continue reading »

The Breakdown – Clemson Edition Getting to know the Tigers: Head Coach: Dabo Swinney Offensive Coordinator: Tony Elliot/Jeff Scott Defensive Coordinator: Brent Venables Record: 2-0 National Rank: #3 (AP)   The Clemson Tigers enter this weekend ranked third in the latest AP Poll, holding onto that spot following their 14-6 victory at home against Auburn. The Tigers opened their season with a domination 56-3 win over Kent State. Gone is Deshaun Watson, the two-time Heisman Trophy Finalist, instead Clemson will hand the reins over to Junior...Continue reading »