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Photo – AP *A look at Todd Grantham’s defensive secondary this past season and how he left UGA. In 2013, the Georgia secondary ranked ninth in the SEC in passing yardage allowed. Sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story and in this case those stats might even have made the Bulldogs secondary sound better than it was. In fairness, the secondary for Georgia was extremely young in 2013 and we saw this from the very beginning of the season as the Bulldogs started two true freshmen (Tray Matthews and Brendan Langley) in the secondary...Continue reading »

Our friends to the east really know how to make a name for themselves.  Whether it be setting couches on fire, creating another redneck t-shirt, or not having a full set of teeth, BBN loves to make us laugh. released their 2014 rankings of the 10 “Most Delusional Fan Bases in College Sports” and to nobody’s surprise, Cayuts’ hoops fans made the list, settling in at #2. Literally every year, their fans believe that the Wildcats will win it all; starting all freshmen or not. That’s just not possible,...Continue reading »

Photo – *Teddy feels good at his first practice as a Viking. *Bridgewater speaks to the media, saying that he’s “eager to get better”. *Coach Zimmer talks about the rookies in the mini-camp. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)...

Photo – AP It doesn’t get quite the fanfare that the NFL Combine does, but the NBA Combine gives several players a chance to improve their draft stock.  Louisville legend Russ Smith took full advantage during the two day showcase in Chicago.  Russ finished 4th in the “off the dribble shooting” drill and 8th in the “off the move shooting” test.  Currently, Smith is projected to be the 48th pick in June’s draft.  After his combine performance, his stock should improve. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating:...Continue reading »

  It is no secret that college athletics are big business.  The television contracts and 24-hour coverage has turned these “amateur” competitions into a billion-dollar enterprise.  The desire to compete at the highest level on an annual basis has also fueled a drastic rise in coaches salaries.  USA TODAY compiled a list of the highest paid coaches and Louisville’s own Rick Pitino was second, bringing in over $5.7 million this past season.  Pitino made nearly $1.1 million in retention bonuses as his base pay is in...Continue reading »

There has been a ton of news coming out of the ACC at its 2014 annual spring meetings in Amelia Island, Florida. The conference agreed to stay at eight league games for football and also announced it was moving its conference basketball tournament to a Thursday through Saturday format. You also have the items that are in the exploratory phase. One of those is the idea of using a 30-second shot clock during exhibition games on an experimental basis for the upcoming season. This would add more possessions and possibly speed up the game in basketball....Continue reading »

Photo – AP The name Kragthorpe hasn’t been used on this site or on the air very much by us since it doesn’t necessarily evoke positive emotions.  That said, Arkansas head Coach Bret Bielema went all Kragthorpe-ish when he placed some blame on Petrino after he thought there wasn’t as much talent on the roster.  After struggling in his first season, he said the following: “I really thought, coming in, because of the guy that I was replacing, I thought we would have a plethora of quarterbacks, wide receivers and...Continue reading »

Photo – USATI In a couple of weeks, bookstores everywhere will be stocked with college football preview publications.  Until then, several websites have released their preseason polls.  The latest is 247Sports, where they have the Cards ranked #22.  Three of Louisville’s opponents are ranked as well; Florida State is #1, Notre Dame #16, and Clemson is #17 while  UofL’s opening week opponent – Miami  – is in the “20 More to Watch” category.  Additionally, 247Sports has the Cards-Seminoles clash...Continue reading »

(Frank Franklin / Associated Press) Bad pro day, small hands, potential heart issues and a less than gregarious personality. Former Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater saw his stock plummet in a multitude of ways in the weeks leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft. Yet, one team, the Minnesota Vikings, still viewed him as a can’t-miss prospect and deemed him worthy of a first round pick. But until now, there hasn’t been a whole lot of insight as to exactly why they were the lone team willing to hedge their bets and center their franchise...Continue reading »

Photo – USATI While at the ACC spring meetings, Coach Petrino showed he’s a person who is continuing to change for the better.’s Dennis Dodd caught up with him and got the vibe that he’s a different man.  Sure his demeanor is still razor sharp – even intimidating – on the field, but off it, he’s softening up just a little. It’s been eight years since they were together, eight years since Petrino put Louisville on the map. Eight years since that Orange Bowl win. Eight years since...Continue reading »

Photo – @McMurphyESPN *Pictured above is the ACC’s new logo that will officially be unveiled after Memorial Day.  The league might want to scratch that date now that it’s out. The ACC continues to make news during their meetings this week as they announced that the men’s basketball tournament will be held on a Tuesday-Saturday format.  It is basically following the same time line as the Big East used; the league held its semifinals on Friday night in prime time (7:00 and 9:30) and the championship at 8:30 on Saturday...Continue reading »

The ACC wasted little time in making news at their spring meetings when they announced that the league will remain at 8 league games.  Commissioner John Swofford added that everyone will keep their annual crossover opponent as well (that is Virginia for the Cards).  Like the SEC, the ACC mandated that each school must play a power-5 conference team or Notre Dame each season.  Once every three years, per the Irish’s scheduling agreement with the ACC, UofL will exceed that mandate since they will play Notre Dame in addition to UK from...Continue reading »

After selecting Teddy Bridgewater with the 32nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings added depth at the quarterback position. The Vikings already had two quarterbacks before picking Bridgewater but, again, they needed help at the position. Christian Ponder, whom the Vikings selected three years ago, may have taken his final snaps in Minnesota and will most likely be a free agent after the 2015 season. The other quarterback on the roster, Matt Cassel, played better than Ponder down the stretch last season. Today, reading »