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(Photo – USA Today) In the next few days, the amount of Bobby Petrino talk is gonna reach intolerable levels. Kentucky fans will give their (unwanted) opinions and national writers with no knowledge of the the inner-workings of the Louisville football program will wax poetic on the duality of man and how Tom Jurich sunk to an all-time low with this hire. Hell, even our own fanbase is split on how to view the news of Petrino’s (re)hiring. Look no further than right here at Louisville Sports Live as an example. Ethan and I will be...Continue reading »

(Photo – USA Today) It’s (semi) official. According to reports from both Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports and Joe Schad / Brett McMurphy of ESPN, Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich has reached an agreement with Bobby Petrino for the embattled former Cardinal coach to return to his old position. The school’s Athletic Association is set to meet tomorrow morning at 10:00 where Jurich is expected to present Petrino as his selection for the job. The Association must then agree (which is likely a formality since Jurich pretty much...Continue reading »

The only sports talk show in town dedicated to talk solely UofL football, basketball, and recruiting is back this Wednesday night at 7:00 on ESPN 680 and  The guys will be discussing (what else?) the UofL coaching search and discussing the pros and cons of re-hiring Coach Petrino.  Mike Hughes, publisher of will join us to breakdown the madness.  As always, we want your input; hit us up at 267-9680 or tweet the show @LvilleSprtsLive. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)...

(Photo – Jamie Rhodes / USA Today) There was some speculation last night that there would be some kind of meeting set for Thursday between Tom Jurich and the rest of the UofL Athletic Association brass to discuss the new football coach. Well, just a few minutes ago, Louisville Sports Information Director Kenny Klein shot out an email that confirmed that there will indeed be a meeting at 10:00 a.m. in Jurich’s fifth floor suite at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium tomorrow morning. The purpose of the meeting, from what we understand,...Continue reading »

(Photo – FIBA) When the Cards take the floor tomorrow night, there will be a big-time hoops visitor in the building. 7-footer Anas Osama Mahmoud, who holds over 20 scholarship offers from big-time programs, is taking his first official visit and Rick Pitino and the #8 / 12 ranked Cardinals are the lucky recipients. The lanky 18-year old plays for West Oaks Academy in Orlando Florida, which is a proving-ground of sorts for foreign-born players. In fact, all 15 of the school’s current players hail from a country other than the United...Continue reading »

Photo – AP The tide is turning quickly towards Bobby P’s return.  While there’s yet to be official word, this piece from USA TODAY offers up the most evidence to point us in that direction.  Jeff Brohm doesn’t interview if Coach Petrino isn’t leaving. Western Kentucky offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm met with athletics director Todd Stewart on Tuesday, according to a person with direct knowledge of the meeting, in case head coach Bobby Petrino leaves for Louisville. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity...Continue reading »

(Photo – Getty Images) Alright, it’s about that time again. You’ve been peeking at Twitter and the message boards all day (getting tons of work done, I’m sure) and I’m guessing by now you’ve heard all the rumors. So have we. It’s starting to get exhausting, but it certainly appears that things are close to wrapping up. Here’s what we’re hearing as well as a few things that are 100% confirmed. It’s been reported by several outlets that Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich has interviewed...Continue reading »

  Photo – Miami Herald Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader penned an insightful piece highlighting the drastic differences between the two largest programs in the Commonwealth.  Coaching changes and program results were discussed in the article, and as you would expect, UofL has the decided advantage.  With Louisville, Cooper and Krag were fired, but the four other coaches who left from ’94 on went to either major programs (Oklahoma, Michigan State, and Texas) or the NFL (Atlanta Falcons).  With UofL off...Continue reading »

Photo – AP UofL has yet to find a new coach, but the pieces are still in place for the Cards to be a formidable opponent next year in the ACC.  As is the case once the season ends, new polls circulate the day after and Louisville just made the list.  Three UofL opponents for 2014 are also in the early poll; #1 Florida State, #16 Clemson, and #20 Notre Dame. 25. Louisville: Their 2014 coach is still a mystery, and Teddy Bridgewater has left the building. But this is still a program that’s gone 23-3 the past two seasons, has ample...Continue reading »

(Photo – Jim Brown / USA Today) Without any question, the most polarizing figure looming over this entire coaching search is Western Kentucky head man Bobby Petrino. To put it lightly, the fanbase is divisive when it comes to the notion of bringing him back to Louisville (some can’t get past his prior transgressions while others are quick to forgive and see the potential to win big immediately). From a personal standpoint, just yesterday I would have said that re-hiring him would have been a pipe-dream. Something that was more...Continue reading »

(Photo – Getty Images) Coach Strong’s exit was a confusing, jacked up mess, but he left the program in much better shape.  With his bags packed for Austin, who’s on the list to replace him? MONDAY’S MOVEMENT: Cutcliffe, Gruden, and Rodriguez  have been taken off the list.  Cutcliffe is content with staying at Duke, Gruden is a frontrunner for the Redskins job, and RichRod used the Louisville flirtation to get a raise at Arizona.  The names generating the most buzz right now are Petrino, Morris, and Narduzzi. According...Continue reading »

(Photo – USA Today) Not that it means a damn thing, especially since it’s the first week of January, but here’s your obligatory weekly update for the college basketball top-25 polls. The Cards moved 2 spots from #14 to #12 in the AP and 2 spots from #10 to #8 in the USA Today Coach’s Poll. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)...

(Photo of Poona Ford – Island Packet) Just hours after news of Charlie Strong’s departure for Texas made its rounds, Louisville’s 2014 football recruiting class began to shift and change, as well. Many recruits took to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment with the decision and it wasn’t long before several players either completely decommitted or classified themselves as “soft verbals.” As of this morning, here’s where the entire class stands with the Cards. Isaiah Ford – WR (Trinity...Continue reading »