Notes From Strong’s Monday Presser

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During his Monday press conference, Charlie Strong talked about the team’s disappointing outing against FIU, Teddy Bridgewater’s average performance, Dominique Brown’s injury, and the upcoming game against Southern Mississippi.

On the FIU game:

  • The team needs to learn how to keep the foot on the pedal and finish off opponents.
  • Bridgewater and the offense never got in rhythm.
  • The team did not play at the right tempo against UNC, and that carried over against FIU.
  • The reason for the poor performance is that, during practice leading up to the game, the players were just going through the motions.

On the team in general:

  • The players cannot become satisfied. They need to keep improving every week.
  • Strong was happy that Andrell Smith is playing well, especially since he is in his last year at Louisville.
  • The team has been playing very well, but they need to take it to the next level and be consistently good.
  • The defensive line needs to get pressure on the quarterback as well as tackles for loss.
  • This team needs to become dominating. A dominating team would not have let teams like UNC and FIU stay in the game.
  • Stong halfway jokingly said that the only way to motivate the players is to yell.
  • Third and fourth year players need to provide leadership.
  • How the coaches practice is just as important as how the players practice.
  • Strong said that he tries to knock the players down but builds them back up during practice to keep them confident.
  • Pat Moorer is around the players the most. He has a great relationship with them, but they also fear respect him.
  • On injured players digging in the pit during practice, Strong said that being injured does not mean that you do not have to work, and it makes the players want to get back on the field.
On Teddy Bridgewater:
  • The coordinators being on the field instead of the booth did not play a factor in Teddy’s sub-par performance.
  • Teddy is going to make mistakes just like everyone else.
  • Teddy being mention in the Heisman race speaks volumes about this program.
On Dominique Brown:
  • Brown still has not done anything yet to show the staff that he is ready to play.
  • Redshirting Brown is still an option, but it is unlikely due to concerns about depth at the running back position.
On Southern Mississippi:
  • Strong says Louisville’s past experiences with Southern Miss will not come in to play because they are a completely different kind of team.
  • They have two athletic quarterbacks who can run the ball.
  • Finally, Strong said that if the team wants to play well against Southern Miss, they just need to play within the game plan.



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