Notes From Strong’s Monday Presser

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Coming off a bye week, Strong addressed some injuries, past and upcoming games, and the team in general.

On the schedule:

  • With conference play starting, the team needs to act like it is a brand new season.
  • The team need to make it a one game season; they cannot look down the road.
  • In terms of future OOC games, Strong said that he really does not care who they play.

On injuries:

  • Offensive lineman John Miller will be examined this week.
  • Dominique Brown will be made available if something happens to Senorise Perry or Jeremy Wright.
  • Running back is a very tough position when it comes to returning from an injury, especially a knee injury.
  • Linebackers Daniel Brown and James Burgess are expected to be out against Pitt.

On the team in general:

  • The team is 10-2 over the past twelve games, so they know how to prepare for and win games.
  • The team’s motto is “stay humble and hungry”.
  • The defense still has time to work out the kinks.
  • Preston Brown and Hakeem Smith have been the leaders on defense.

On past games:

  • Strong said that, during the game, he never once thought that they were going to lose to Southern Mississippi.
  • Against FIU, Strong said that the fact that most of the players are from Florida may have had an effect on their performance.

On upcoming game against Pittsburgh:

  • Strong said he likes the 11:00am kickoff. The teams just eats, does walkthroughs, and then plays.
  • Strong said that though he has never played against Paul Chryst, he knows that he runs a well-disciplined team, and that the played very well against Virginia Tech.


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