Notes from Charlie Strong’s Monday Presser

Posted on Sep 17 2012 - 4:30pm by Charlie Roth

Coach Strong addressed the media this morning and had much to talk about, from the upcoming FIU game to Saturday’s 39-34 victory over UNC.

On UNC Game:

  • Strong said that, after the game, the players came into the locker room feeling like they had lost.
  • On the reason for the UNC comeback, Strong said that the players did not stay focused and locked into the game.
  • When asked about the strange play-calling at the very end of the game, Strong said that if they kneeled it, they would have risk getting a safety.
  • On the blocked punt in the 4th quarter, Strong said that the punter was lined up 12 yards back instead of 15.
  • When asked about the defense in the 4th quarter, Strong said that they were not playing with a prevent defensive scheme.
  • Strong said that this game served as a teaching moment and showed that this team is still not fully there yet.

On Injuries:

  • John Miller’s injury at the very end of the game was nothing but cramps.
  • Gaines and Bushell’s injuries were just nicks and bruises, nothing serious.
  • Strong said that they will get Dominique Brown on the field this week to see if he can run around.
  • Strong acknowledge the possible option of redshirting Brown but said it was unlikely because they would still need the depth in case Wright or Perry got injured.

On Upcoming FIU Game:

  • FIU’s offense returns 8 starters.
  • Strong said that FIU’s offense is very versatile, being solid in the air as well as on the ground.
  • FIU’s defense returns 10 starters.
  • Finally, Strong said that by getting beat by them last year FIU has gained the players’ and coaches’ respect.
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