More Big 12 Scuttlebutt….

Posted on Feb 24 2012 - 10:18pm by Ethan Moore

According to a BYU website,, the Cougars are in talks with the Big 12.  Want to take a guess who the other school is reported to potentially make the Big 12 a twleve team conference again?

Talks between the two parties have ramped up over the past couple of weeks however, with discussions revolving around the possibility of BYU and Louisville being added in time for the 2013-14 athletics season. Such a move would get the conference back to its original number of 12 member schools, and provide it with the opportunity to hold a championship game for football in December of 2013.

For BYU’s part, university officials have apparently taken a much more proactive approach during the most recent round of discussions. BYU is reportedly indicating a willingness to bring all of its programs into the league this time around, something that the school had apparently hedged on in past discussions.


Nothing earth-shattering, but just a little more of what we have been hearing concerning UofL’s conference membership.

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