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Posted on Aug 15 2011 - 12:47pm by Brent Lepping

Drummond’s decision will likely result in a jump to the NBA


It was definitely nice to watch your favorite basketball team play in the middle of August (even though we didn’t learn a damn thing) and the UofL fans got a chance to get friendly with the players and coaching staff of the fighting football Cardinals. Factor in the beautiful weather (minus that level-6 hurricane that materialized out of thin air on Saturday) and overall, it was a pretty solid weekend.

On to the notes…..

– Nice article from the boys at Yahoo Sports / Rivals debating on whether or not Louisville target and #2 player for the class of 2012, Andre Drummond, will ever step foot on a college campus. By attending a prep school after high school, these kids exploit a loophole and avoid going to college before jumping to the NBA.

– Speaking of Drummond and the rankings, has just released its post-summer updated rankings for 2012. Shabazz Muhammad occupies the #1 spot, followed by Drummond, Mitch McGary, Brandon Ashley and Kyle Anderson. Check out the full list here.

Great piece from Gary Parrish on CBS Sports regarding the domino effect of Texas A&M and the unavoidable birth of super-conferences that will eliminate all that’s great about March Madness and the cinderella stories.

– Sporting News takes note of Peyton Siva’s progression……and basically just mimics what the Courier said yesterday (no offense SN, we make a living out of reporting the news that someone else has reported first, too).

– Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis catches up with Rick Pitino and takes a look at Louisville’s 2011-2012 team (a little late on this one, but still a good read).

– Louisville Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford told the media last week that the Louisville defense will have some different looks this year. Mainly, you might not see as many blitzes. Jody Demling explores this further in this column.

– Couple of nuggets from ESPN Big East blogger Andrea Adelson: First she mentions Louisville TE Josh Chichester in her series chronicling the league’s players that should go from good to great.

Josh Chichester, TE, Louisville. Now that he has made the transition from receiver to tight end, the potential is there for Chichester to become the best tight end in the league. His size, 6-foot-8 and 258 pounds, gives him the ability to be unguardable for opposing defenses.

– Then she tackles the whole conference expansion situation and how it could effect the Big East.

– Finally, in news that made me want to strangle somebody, ESPN recruiting analyst Reggie Rankin just threw bleach in my eyes, kicked me in the nuts and shot my dog all in one fell swoop:

RT @ReggieRankin: Danuel House has a top 10 of Arizona, Baylor, Houston, Georgetown, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, Ohio State, Ga Tech & Kansas

Ummmmm, I see a certain school conspicuously missing from this list.

I would like to punch you in the fu%@ing face for ruining my day, Reggie.


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