March guard play must be on ‘point’

Posted on Mar 5 2013 - 2:07pm by Ian Borders


When  it comes to March Madness, a team’s success is directly linked to the effectiveness of their guard play.  If a team is going to have any kind of push to the third weekend of the NCAA tournament, the point guard specifically must have a major impact, not only in getting his team involved, but also himself.

Look at the past three champions. The 2012-2013 NIT Kentucky Wildcats had incredible production from their  NBA talented guards (Doron Lamb in the regional games and Marquis Teague in the Final Four) last season. Kemba Walker and Shabazz Napier took over the UCONN reins as they carried their team late in the season in 2011. Duke’s guards Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer couldn’t miss in their 2010 run to the championship.

Also, look at the teams that are the “favorites” this season. Indiana plays with the three headed mini-monsters of Victor Oladipo, Yogi Ferrell, and Jordan Hulls. Duke has their standard shooters in Seth Curry and slasher Freshman Rasheed Sulaimon. Michigan has their back-court set with player of the year candidate Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr.  The blueprint has been laid, and it seems the Cards have the foundation.

A number of people, however, me in particular, have been very critical of senior point guard Peyton Siva’s play the past month. Look at his stats since the ‘groundhog day’ overtime game against Notre Dame. Siva is averaging 7.1 points on 19 of 59 from the field (32.2%) in 32 minutes per game (if you take out the 16 point performance from a terrible Depaul team, the numbers are even more staggering). Before the Luke Hancock show began from deep, many people said the Siva was our best three point option. In this stretch, he is shooting 11.1% (2 for 18) from behind the arc. For a team that struggles to score in the half-court, many thought that the Big East pre-season player of the year would be able to fill more of a void than those numbers indicate.

I like Siva…. I really do. But I don’t think there is a coincidence that the Cards went on a big run in last night’s game with Siva on the bench. Kevin Ware is starting to see more minutes, and you can see his confidence rising. I used to be upset when Russ dominated the ball, and didn’t give others a chance to get into the flow of the game, but he seems to have had an abrupt awakening. Russ is still getting his shots/points, but he now has a little better sense of when to dish and when to shoot when he drives into the lane. He had a possession in the Cincy game last night where he curled off a screen, took one dribble, and pulled up in the lane for a very nice mid-range shot. Very impressive, and not the same Russ from a month ago. That ball dominating demon seems now to have transferred to Siva. There was a possession last night with about nine minutes left in the first half where Siva took 18 dribbles (not an exaggeration) only to settle for a contested jump shot just in front of the three point line (then he goes down and commits a shooting foul which is a whole new issue). I know Pitino has had Siva watch a lot of film on Steve Nash, but even Nash will loan the ball to other players for a second before getting it back. Louisville is at its best in the half court when they are moving the ball, attacking through penetration off of one or two dribbles.

In Siva’s case though, March is typically when he cracks out of his slumps.There must be something about those camo Adidas jerseys. It seems to bring out the beast in him. Last year he went wild and took home the Big East tournament MVP as a confidence builder to carry into the NCAA tournament.  Before that everyone had the Cards left for dead (I can’t help but remember Tony Vanetti on the ‘Afternoon Underdogs’). Their resurrection spawned at the right time to turn the season around.

With all the negativity I just threw out there, this team is has still a top 10 team (top five in my eyes) with only five loses on the season, and it looks as though all of those teams are going to make the tournament (if Villanova can pull it off). Louisville is still a strong favorite to win the National Championship, and in the eyes of the faithful, anything less than a Final Four will be a disappointment. In order for the Cards to fly high into that third weekend of play though, Siva must be on point.

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  1. Brent Lepping March 5, 2013 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    We’re watching two different games, brotha. Yeah we went on a “run” with Siva on the bench, but that was more because Cincy was worn out and their legs were gone. Our offense was stagnant with Russ running the point and he wasn’t getting others involved. Even Rick agreed with that point after the game when he talked with Bob Valvano. Siva is a real point guard who thinks pass first. Russ and Ware are not.

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  2. Ian March 5, 2013 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    I agree that Siva is the ONLY point guard on the team, which is why he must step it up…the first half was ok with his 11 points but who else did he get involved as a pass first point guard? Look at the tape. His drives were against big man mismatches aside from the blow by he had early in the game with no weak side help. Ware is so long defensively and he causes havoc off the ball. We look to push it much more when Siva is out because they know they must score in transition. Siva will come around, but he has been frustrating to watch for me as of late. The numbers don't lie. And I'm not buying the "no legs". UC teams are usually well conditioned under Cronin and at this point in the season, even after a game on Saturday, they should be good to go. Louisville made the run because they were sharing the ball, pushing the tempo, and playing relentless half court defense. I love a pass first guard, but dominating the ball and attempting passes in a congested lane is not a smart point guard. But like I said, those camo jerseys bring out the best/beast in him.
    And you're right…Russ definitely can't run point.

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