LSL’s Q & A with Bridgewater: Teddy Wants the Fans in Their Seats Before Kickoff

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 1:48am by Ethan Moore


LSL was lucky enough to grab Teddy for a few questions after the original media feeding frenzy died down.  Here’s what he had to say.

LSL: What’s one game you’re looking forward to the most this year?

Teddy: The first game. You have to take it one game at time.  Ohio will be a tough opponent.  We know that this season will be a process.

LSL: What’s the toughest atmosphere you’ve had to play in at Louisville?

Teddy: I want to say the Cincinnati game from last year and the South Florida game from last year because both of those games went down to the wire.  we were fortunate and blessed to have such loyal fans stay the entire game and stick it out until the end.

LSL: Does that affect you at all – I know the coaches bring it up constantly – when some of the fans aren’t in their seats at kickoff; does that irk the team a little bit?

Teddy: Somewhat, yeah.  When we come out of the tunnel, we’d love to see the maximum capacity of fans in the stadium.  That’s, believe it or not, something that can account for 7 points, 14 points, 21 points…who knows?.  That all plays a psychological role in our opponents’ minds and our minds.  

LSL: On the flipside, how was it to see 30,000 fans down in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl?

Teddy: Oh, that was amazing.  They got down there from the time we arrived at our hotel to the time we left the hotel and then they were there for the kickoff.  They were there to clap for us when we were coming down the stairs.  They were there to greet us after practice.  It was a great feeling to see all of them there because they are so loyal.  We are thankful that we have them.

LSL: Who is one player that will surprise some people on offense this year?

Teddy: I want to say Gerald Christian.  He sat out last year and he’s eager to get out there and show what he can do.

Folks, we as fans impact this team.  Teddy has said as much and the coaches have mentioned how they’d like the fans in their seats before kickoff numerous times.  Readers of this blog are most likely doing this accordingly at every home game.  Let’s all make 2013 the start of season-long sell-out crowds, while getting to our seats before kickoff.

Go Cards.

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