LSL Goes One-on-One with Kevin Ware

Posted on Nov 7 2012 - 1:35pm by Ethan Moore

No player was talked about in the off-season as much as Kevin Ware was.  Coach P was gushing about the athletic swingman this summer as he was in the gym working on his jumpshot as well as his overall game.  After serving a one-game suspension, Ware is ready to make the impact UofL fans have been wanting him to make since the day he decided to become a Cardinal.

LSL: Coach Pitino has raved about all summer long, how does that make you feel heading into this season?

Kevin: “It makes me feel good.  It’s a confidence booster, but at the same time I know I still have to go out and try to contribute.”

LSL: “Speaking of contributing, what’s the main component you can bring to this team?’

Kevin: “Defensive-wise, I think I bring a lot of intensity, I can block shots.  I’m a really big defensive guy.”

LSL: “I apologize because I know you’ve been asked this one hundred times, but what’s the main thing you’ve improved on this off-season?”

Kevin: (Laughs) “Just working hard in general; from my jump shot to lifting, conditioning. I have just been working hard.

LSL: ” The Final Four and Big East champion run; how did that help you evolve as a player and give you more confidence going into this season?”

Kevin: “That showed us that we can do it, and nobody expected us to be in the Final Four playing against Kentucky.  We got there because of our defense and it showed.  This year, we have a lot of guys coming back, with the addition of Luke and really me and Wayne show it should be a lot of fun.  Also, Montrezl is a great freshman.”

LSL: “Most polls have you guys at #1 or #2; does that mean anything to you?”

Kevin: “No because a #1 or #2 can go to #14 or #15 if they aren’t winning games so we know that we will have a bull’s eye on us and we will have to bring it every day.”

LSL: “Who’s the funniest guy on the team?  I’m taking a poll so I want to see if all the answers match up.”

Kevin: “Russ is definitely the funniest guy on the team. (Laughs again) He’s a great guy.  On every bus ride on road trips, Russ is cracking jokes on people, getting them upset.”

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