LSL Goes One-on-One with Brandon Dunn

Posted on Aug 9 2012 - 11:55pm by Ethan Moore


In the first of several installments of interviews with members of the UofL football squad, LSL sat down with Brandon Dunn and got his thoughts on the upcoming season.

LSL: Being from Louisville, what does it mean to put on the UofL jersey and play for the hometown team?

BD: It means everything to me, I take a lot of pride in it.  It’s a lifestyle because you love doing it.

LSL: With the recent decisions of the local kids from Trinity to play elsewhere, why should local players stay home to play for UofL?

BD: For me, it’s a pride thing to play for UofL.  Other kids, they took their opportunity to play elsewhere. Every hometown kid that could play for Louisville should play for Louisville.  If you have an opportunity to play for Louisville, play for Louisville.  There’s no better feeling that playing in front of your home crowd.

LSL: How have you improved as a player from last year to now?

BD: I got my weight down.  I got my surgery on my groin and I rehabbed that.  Now I just og out there and play.  Coach gives me the play call and I go out there and play.  I have been polishing up my technique.

LSL: The tilt against UK is less than a month away, is there more emphasis placed on that game compared to others?

BD:  It’s just another game.  The whole city looks at it as a big game, but we just take it week by week.  We view UK like every other opponent.

LSL: Who have you seen that has been impressive on the offensive side of the ball?

BD:  Corvin Lamb has been coming into his own, and then you have the older guys like Jeremy Wright and Dom Brown who have been showing flashes.  At the receiver spot, Charles Gaines is the fastest person on the team and he has great hands and can be one of those dudes that can take it the distance.

LSL: The last and pretty plain question; what is the goal of the football team this year?

BD: To win the Big East championship, that’s our team goal.  Everybody has individual goals as well, but overall team goal is to win the Big East.


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