Louisville Sports Live Interviews: Dominique Brown and Daniel Brown

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Louisville Sports Live was out at the second open practice on Saturday and got a chance to speak one-on-one with JR Running Back Dominique Brown and SR Linebacker Daniel Brown.

Dominique Brown

LSL: “I know you played QB in high school, talk about that initial transition to the RB position.”

Brown: “It was tough at first because I had always played that position (QB) and I didn’t understand a lot of the blocking schemes and all the little things that go along with being a good running back, but we have such good coaches, they’ve made it easier for me to get better each day. I’m still not a finished product, but I’m working hard and I know I’m on the right path.”

LSL:  “You played sparingly as a freshman, then got a majority of the carries last year, I know you’ve got some talented players sharing the back-field with you but do you expect to be that guy that steps up and becomes the featured back (like Charlie Strong has talked about)?”

Brown: “Absolutely I wanna be the featured back. I wanna be the main guy. But there’s a lot of talent here. Senorise (Perry) pushed me and Jeremy (Wright) in the spring and Corvin Lamb is an up-and-comer. There’s a lot of competition and we’re all making each other better, but come September 2nd, I wanna be that guy that the coaches look to first.”

LSL: “To that effect, Coach Strong always talks about that a lot: one guy stepping up, but are you guys ok with splitting the snaps if that’s what it comes down to?”

Brown: “Absolutely. We have great chemistry as a group and is all positive. We split reps evenly and our goal – between the four of us – is to have two 1,000 yard rushers. If we do that then we know we worked as a unit and fed off of one another and had a good season. We have four guys that can do it, but, it’s reality that only two can probably make it happen.”

LSL: “Have the coaches talked about using you in any special packages like the wildcard where you’ll line up behind center?”

Brown: “I’m not sure yet. You’ll have to wait until Sept the 2nd to see!”

LSL: “You guys are still so young and you’re definitely building towards something special – but is anything less than a Big East championship this year acceptable?”

Brown: “No. That’s the goal and that’s what we want to accomplish. Anything less is underachieving and we plan on working too hard for that. We’re def young, but we’re experienced, too. There’s sophomores out here that have been through the battles so it’s almost like everyone is a year older than they really are. We can’t use youth as an excuse. We have to go out make plays and execute like we’ve been here before.”

LSL: “You guys are working hard right now – probably some two-a-days coming up, so what are you doing in your spare time?”

Brown: “Sleep and school. That’s it!”

* As Brown trots off, defensive coordinator Vance Bedford comes by and has this exchange with us beforfe he runs off the field:

Bedford: “Did you ask him if he eats Krispy Kreme doughnuts?”

LSL: “Of course – with sprinkles.”

Bedford: Bakers dozen right there…..puts em’ down.”


Random? Absolutely. But that didn’t make it any less glorious.


Daniel Brown

LSL: “How have these first two practices gone overall?”

Brown: “They’ve gone real well so far. The young guys are still learning things, but overall guys are working hard and we can already see a lot of progress. We’re moving pretty fast out here and overall things have been good.”

LSL: “Coach Strong has talked about needing some leaders to step up, you’re a vet, how have you taken to that role?”

“Brown: “I’m normally not the most vocal guy, but this is my last go around. Being a senior, I don’t really have a choice. There’s no more time for me. This is my last camp and I have to step up.”

LSL: “Give us an example of some things you’ve done to step up in that role.”

Brown: “Again, with me not being the most vocal guy out here, I have to find other ways. I gather guys to watch extra film, let them know if they’re not in the right places – things like that. We have to make sure guys are doing the right things. Making sure they’re accountable for one another. I have to lead by example.”

LSL: “Lot of guys out here with the last name Brown, we need to come up with a nickname – especially for the linebackers.”

Brown: “[laughs] We’ve just been saying the ‘Brown Boys” for now – and remember, there’s some others besides the linebackers, too. What can Brown do for you?”

LSL: “Hakeem (Smith) talked yesterday about how much the communication has improved on defense. Guys just seem to instinctively know where everyone else is on the field. Is that simply a matter of getting more comfortable in the schemes or just becoming familiar with each others tendencies and playing style?”

Brown: “What he was saying is, with us being together for three years now, that’s a strength. Most of our meetings are for the young guys, and things for the vets have become second nature. We still work on our technique and have to get better, but he’s right, our communication has gotten so much stronger. Our instincts and trust have become strengths. The defense was good last year, but it could be special this season. We know where to be and where to attack.”

LSL: “Talk about the scheme and how you fit in. I know you guys will mix it up and do some zone blitzing and attack from the middle, but how specifically do you see yourself making the biggest contributions?”

Brown: “Yeah, we’ll definitely mix it up. We never stay too vanilla with any of our play calling. The one thing abut Louisville football is that we play fast. That’s what we’re known for. And we always bring a lot of pressure – from the outside and the middle. We want to be everywhere and my job is to create havoc and make plays. Whether it’s blitzing the QB or staying back in coverage.”

LSL: “Have you guys taken a different approach to the UK game? Have you guys put any extra emphasis on it?”

Brown: “Not really. It’s a huge rivalry but we have to approach it with the same focus as all of our other opponents.”

LSL: “What’s up with (Jordan) Paschal? Not sure if you saw this, but he was off to the side with a shovel digging in some ditch. (Paschall was on crutches and was still punished for not being on the field. He had a strength and conditioning coach with him and was literally sitting down with a shovel in his hands digging in some sort of ditch)”

Brown: “I’ll just say this: You don’t wanna get hurt around here. They’ll still make you work.”

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  1. BigOwensboroCard August 6, 2012 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    I remember when Buddy Ryan did this to his players in the NFL when they couldn't practice, but where able to perform other duties. LOL This is a great theory for if a player has issues with a lower disorder then he can do things with his upper body and vice versa.

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    • Brent Lepping August 6, 2012 at 2:51 pm - Reply

      I felt bad for him on one hand…..it was so freaking hot outside. He had to be hurtin'. But then again, the coaches and other players were jokin' on him and stuff. It def sends a message: play through pain.

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