Louisville – Long Beach State Game On Dec 30th Moved To 4:00

Posted on Dec 11 2014 - 4:18pm by Brent Lepping

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December 30th is shaping up to be a pretty solid day. We all know that the Cards are set to take on Georgia in the Belk Bowl in Charlotte at 6:30 and Rick Pitino’s 4th ranked hoops squad was also slated to play Long Beach State at 7:00 that same evening. Key word being was. Louisville sports information director Kenny Klein just sent out a press release stating that the UofL – LBS match-up has been moved up to 4:00 so as to not conflict with the football game. This is good news for Louisville fans, who, as we all know, love to engage in a bit of partying, particularly when the hardwood and gridiron intersect on the same calendar day.

Unfortunately, the game will still be aired only on ESPN3, which means you have to either watch on a laptop, splice your computer to your TV, or catch one of those third-world type viewings put on at places like B-Dubs where the signal constantly cuts in and out. Ya know, kind of like you were transported back to 1987 to the days where you hung bunny ears on the coaxial input. Or like when you would stick a butter knife on the bottom end of those weird, brown boxes with the zip dial (surely to God I wasn’t the only one trying to watch illegal Playboy channel or HBO after dark when my parents weren’t looking…….right…..right?)

Anyway, should be a fun 24 hours.


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