Louisville Basketball is the Second Winningest Program During the Past 4-Years

Posted on Apr 8 2015 - 8:49am by Ethan Moore

Photo – ESPN

We heard this stat thrown around a lot this past season, “no school has won more games than Louisville over the last four years.”  While unfortunately that team up the road surpassed that feat in early March, it doesn’t take away from the accomplishment(s) Louisville basketball has made during these last four seasons.  With its string of a Final Four, a national championship, a Sweet 16, and an Elite 8, Louisville has firmly entrenched itself once again among the elite in college basketball.  The Cards have had the second best four-year of anyone in college hoops.  Here’s a look at the top 8 winningest programs over the last four years and how far they’ve gone in the tournament in parenthesis:

Kentucky 126-26 (National Championship, NIT, Final Four, Final Four)

Louisville  123-30 (Final Four, National Championship, Sweet 16, Elite 8)

Gonzaga 122-20 (Second Round, Second Round, Second Round, Elite 8)

Wichita State  122-20 (First Round, Final Four, Second Round, Sweet 16)

Duke  118-26 (First Round, Elite 8, First Round, National Championship)

Arizona  117-29 (NIT, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Elite 8)

Kansas  115-32 (Final Four, Sweet 16, Second Round, Second Round)

Syracuse  110-43 (Elite 8, Final Four, Second Round, post-season ban)



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