Live Blog – Derby Festival Classic 2011

Posted on Apr 22 2011 - 6:56pm by Brent Lepping

Here we go……

Angel Nunez is the early leading scorer with 5 points (a dunk and a three from the corner)……Zach Price with a pretty 10-footer, showing good touch……It’s clear Chane Behanan wants to impress tonight, he’s going hard off the dribble and trying to get to the rack…..Chane just got a fast break and missed a wide open lay-up! Dunk the ball big fella! …….Braeden Anderson is a beast, Kansas got a huge pick-up late in the game. He’s about 6-8 and has an NBA-ready body……Angel is so so smooth – another up and under with contact. He’s gonna be a great wing in the future…..Interesting battle inside between Zach Price and Cody Zeller. Zeller is much thinner but he doesn’t shy away from contact. Price just finally looks healthy. He’s looked great over the last three days….. I don’t care what anybody says, Anthony Hickey might be able to play high D-1 somewhere. He’s smart, unselfish, and usually makes the right play. He’s short and can’t be more than 5’8 or 5’9 in person, but he can play. Word here is that he might not make it academically, though…… There’s no freaking stat board here, so we have no clue who the leading scorer is. I guess I could keep my own stats, but that sounds like way too much work…..The only thing that could keep Nunez off the floor next year will be defense. He’s still a step slow, especially when matched up with smaller guards with speed. Then again, this is an all-star game……halftime stats – Zeller leads with 13 points, LeBryan Nash (Oklahoma) has 12, and Angel Nunez has 11…..Aaron Cosby (Seton Hall) wins the three-point contest……Dunk Contest up next…..Much better already, they must have been saving up for tonight – Deuce Bello starts off with a perfect 40. A nasty rip between the legs…..Angel follows suit with a 40 of his own – a reverse off an alley-oop….Levi Randolph (Alabama) just shook the house with a sick between the legs rip……Deuce Bello gets eliminated, but went out trying the most insane dunk I’ve ever seen. A for effort. And Randolph wins…..first round dunks were better……back to the game and the second half….. Chane’s talkin’ mad smack out here. Givin’ it to frail Austin Etherington. Etherington (IU) tried to go baseline, and he didn’t make it too far…..Really like LaQuinton Ross (Ohio State), he’s got a huge frame and has guard skills off the bounce. Tough to guard……Kevin Ware has been pretty non-existent so far, just 2 points….. Quincy Miller is sitting right behind us, here to support his buddy Deuce, I guess. We just asked him what there is to do in Waco. Apparently not much…… I’ll give it up to these kids, they’re playing defense and this is one of the more competitive all-star games I’ve seen……Quincy is sitting with Peyton Siva now. I’d like to know what they’re talking about: Peyton – “You should have come here, man” Miller – “Nah, you guys are gonna be too loaded next year. I figured I’d play a year in Waco, then leave for the NBA and the school would soon go on probabtion afterwards. No big deal.” I’ll bet that’s exactly how it went…… It’s official, Deuce has a heckler. And a loud one at that…… Michigan State is getting a good one in Branden Dawson. Kid’s gonna be a stud, probably around 6-6 and has hops, a shot, and can defend…..Close game, 99-97 white team……Nunez pops another long three, he def has range……And the gold team wins, 126-122. Maybe the defense wasn’t that great after all…..gooodnight everybody.

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