Jones Pleads Not Guilty To Charges; Temporarily Placed On House Arrest

Posted on Feb 26 2015 - 10:58am by Brent Lepping

Photo – John Lewis / WDRB


Chris Jones turned himself in to Louisville police this morning, as expected, and attended his first court hearing shortly thereafter. Rather than go through some boring soliloquy, here are the key points of what occurred during the arraignment:

  • Jones has plead not guilty to both charges (the first being rape, the second being sodomy)
  • Jones hired Scott Cox, a prominent Kentucky lawyer, for his defense
  • Jones has been released on house arrest in lieu of a $25,000 bond, which was proposed by the prosecution because he’s, quote, “a potential flight risk.”
  • Jones has officially withdrawn from classes at UofL and is now living in a hotel
  • Cox, on behalf of Jones, stated to the judge that his client has been cooperative with UofL and metro police from the very beginning and has “nothing to hide.”
  • Cox stated that there is a video in the possession of UofL police that shows people coming in and out of the apartment around the times of the alleged attacks and is a huge piece of evidence in favor of Jones and the defense.
  • Cox requested that the judge force UofL officials to release the tape to the defense so that it may be preserved as a potential key piece of evidence.
  • The names of the two co-defendants were released and they also appeared in court. Jaylen Tilford and Tyvon Walker were named in conjunction with the sodomy charges in which a woman claims all three men forced her to perform oral sex on them.
  • Jones is not to have any contact with either co-defendant
  • Jones was taken away from the courtroom in handcuffs before being released to house arrest.
  • Outside the courtroom Cox fielded questions from the media and stated repeatedly that Jones has been “falsely accused.”
  • The UofL police department is slated to give a statement at an 11:30 press conference.
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