Is T-Will’s Tryout with Detroit his Last NBA Chance?

Posted on Oct 6 2012 - 10:24am by Ethan Moore


T-Will went from college stand-out to NBA outcast in just a short couple of years.  He had a falling out in New Jersey, sat the bench in Houston, and then was released. He received a lot of playing time in Sacramento after signing a 10-day contract that was quickly extended for the rest of the season. That opportunity to play however, didn’t translate into the Kings re-signing him in the off-season.  So now T-Will finds himself in Detroit, perhaps his last opportunity to make an NBA roster.  Everyone knows he’s an NBA talent, but he has always allowed his ego to interfere with his athleticism.  Here’s an update on the former Louisville star from Michigan Live.

“When I was in Sacramento for the last 18 games last year, it was a great situation.  I played a lot and I contributed to the team,” said Williams, who averaged 8.8 points, 4.1 rebounds and 20.5 minutes for the Kings.  “It’s definitely about the situations you’re in.  A lot of people blame it on the NBA and the politics of it.  But in the same sense, I think in the right situation, I would help you.”

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