Inside the Numbers: UofL Football’s Record vs. BCS & Ranked Opponents Since 2005

Posted on Jul 31 2012 - 3:10pm by Ethan Moore

In 2005, everything changed in the world of UofL athletics.  The Cards were finally a part of the “big boys” and gained access to the lucrative BCS Bowl system if they won their conference.  While the BCS format is set to officially change this month, there are still six “power confereces” in college football’s landscape.  Since it’s the off-season, let’s take a look at how the Cards fared against their non-conference BCS foes, Big East opponents, and teams ranked in the Top 25 since 2005:

Louisville’s record against ranked opponents (in Big East and non-conference):

2005-Lost to #25 West Virginia and to #12 Virginia Tech

2006-Beat #15 Miami; beat #5 West Virginia; lost to #12 Rutgers; beat #14 Wake Forest

2007-Beat #17 Cincinnati; lost to #6 West Virginia

2008-Beat #14 USF; lost #25 Pittsburgh and to #22 Cincinnati

2009-Lost to #6 Cincinnati

2010-Lost to #25 Oregon State

2011-Beat #24 West Virginia

Overall Record vs. Top 25 opponents since 2005 (6-8)

Louisville’s record vs. Non-conference BCS opponents

*Will not include ranked opponents; see above

*Utah will not count since they were in the Mountain West at the time

2005-Beat Kentucky, Oregon State, and North Carolina

2006-Beat Kentucky, Kansas State

2007-Lost to Kentucky; beat NC State

2008-Lost to Kentucky, beat Kansas State

2009-Lost to Kentucky

2010-Lost to Kentucky

2011-Beat Kentucky; lost to North Carolina and NC State

Overall Record vs. Non-Conference BCS opponents (8-6)

Louisville’s Big East Record (24-25)*

*KragCooper Effect…. while in the Big East, UofL went just 5-16 under that destroyer of the program.  Outside of Kragglepuss, Louisville went 19-9, including 2 conference titles and runner-up finish.


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