Herbstreit Comments on Louisville’s Conference Situation

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ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was the guest speaker at the St. Xavier/Trinity luncheon on Wednesday. Afterwards, WDRB caught up with him to discuss Louisville conference situation.

Here’s what Herbstreit had to say.

“They got to be thinking about being proactive. What that move is? I do not know. I know that the ACC is going to have to expand; add another team. There is going to be other expansion opportunities, but the Big East is a sinking ship in my opinion when it comes to college athletics and especially college football, and I think Louisville has too much to offer, not just in football but all their sports, and I hope we will see them land somewhere and be able to kind of continue to take that next step”

Many of the talking heads in college football believe ESPN has had some say in the decisions the ACC has made when expanding the conference  If this is true, the comments made by Kirk Herbstreit, an ESPN analyst, may hold some weight. It is obviously nothing but speculation right now, but perhaps Herbstreit has some idea of what the ACC’s next step will be in terms of expansion.

What Herbstreit knows and does not know aside, he is 100% right that Louisville has way too much to offer to be stuck in the sinking ship that is the Big East. Unfortunately, a school’s athletic prowess is not always the main factor when it comes to expansion. In many cases, conferences are looking for teams with a large TV market, and while Louisville’s football program is well on the rise, it is hard to say that the school has the TV market to compete with the likes of recent conference movers West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame. Despite the lack of a solid TV market, Louisville, undoubtedly, would be a solid addition for any conference, but unfortunately all Tom Jurich and company can do now is wait for that invitation.

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  1. Denny Crum September 27, 2012 at 8:16 pm - Reply

    I believe that Jurich owes Louisville some answers. I hold him accountable if Big East collapses and Louisville is still there. The TV market argument is bullshit. Louisville is just as big as Raleigh, Winston Salem, mid Virginia area. I know, I have lived there.

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