DeVante Parker Returns to Louisville Lineup

Posted on Oct 6 2014 - 10:27pm by Jeffery Thompson

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“All indications are that he’ll play.”, Bobby Petrino said today during his Monday presser. He, being star wide receiver DeVante Parker.

How do you replace an all-american and likely first round draft pick? Well, you don’t, and the Louisville offense has missed Parker’s production immensely.

“It’s not something that I’m used to, not being able to go out and call plays freely and throw deep. We’re not there yet.“, Petrino added.

Parker will alleviate that. Just google image search his name and you’ll see him making seemingly impossible catches over his opposition. He’s good at football. Really good. Like Denzel Washington in Training Day good. Anytime #9 steps on the field, he needs to be accounted for, which will also open up things for everyone else.

Timing is everything, in regards to Parker’s return as the Cards head into Death Valley to face Clemson Saturday afternoon for its biggest game of the season.

Who starts at QB?

Petrino didn’t announce who would be the starting QB at Clemson during this afternoons presser.

My personal take on that is he wants to wait and see how Will Gardner progresses this week during practice, and if 100%, I believe Gardner starts.

Clemson is a very tough place to play and Petrino is likely thinking true freshman Reggie Bonnafon isn’t quite ready for that atmosphere. Given Will’s struggles, we very well could see both regardless of who gets the starting nod.

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