Could the Big East be seen on both ESPN and NBC?

Posted on May 31 2012 - 4:46pm by Ethan Moore

While the renegotiating of the Big East’s TV contracts won’t officially begin until September 1st, NBC gave conference officials an overview of what could be expected if they were awarded football rights.  Memphis AD, R.C. Johnson told a Memphis radio station how it could work:

“(NBC’s) purpose (at the meeting) was to show they had an interest in the Big East and they had it tied in with Notre Dame football,” Johnson said. “They talked about doubleheaders and tripleheaders on the NBC station. Not on the Versus or whatever they all have, NBC (Sports Network), because they’ve got several cable outlets.

“They talked about how they liked the time zones and they talked about tying in doubleheaders and tripleheaders on Saturday with football.”

Johnson said they’d love to find a way for coverage to continue on ESPN even if the bulk of their content moves to NBC.

“I think in the ideal world and financially as well, if we could get a combination of ESPN and NBC, it would just be magnificent,” Johnson said. “ESPN is talking about continuing ‘Thursday Night Football’ which is a big draw and continuing ‘Big Monday’ in basketball which is huge.

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