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( Photo – The “Yard Birds” go on the road for a late afternoon game against Indiana on Wednesday at 4 p.m., ET at Bart Kaufman Field in Bloomington. The Cards are on a 7 game winning streak and enter Wednesday’s game with a 15-4 record looking to notch a win against the Big Ten defending champs. SERIES HISTORY Louisville trails 23-21...Continue reading »

Many Louisville Cardinal fans are aware of “The year of the Cardinal” moniker that was, and still is, being tossed around the Belknap campus like a fade route from Teddy Bridgewater to DeVante Parker. The phrase was coined mainly in regards to the football, baseball, women’s and men’s basketball teams for their remarkable seasons (respectively)...Continue reading »

So Rick Pitino, his staff and his players are not going to shave until they lose again? Personally I hope then that Luke Hancock and the rest of the No....Continue reading »

Another National Signing Day has come and gone and fan bases from Florida to California are jubilant, pugnacious or somewhere in between due to the decisions of young men still still yet to go to their senior prom. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably get a little too animated and caught up in high school football recruiting but have learned in the twelve years...Continue reading »

It’s finally here! Well almost anyway. Armageddon is still a little over twenty four hours away but finally we have reached the one’s in this...Continue reading »

Another day gone and another step closer. Four days from the big showdown’s so here’s a brief look at some famous alum that wore No.4 In the...Continue reading »

I started this countdown thing to make the last nine days go by faster and to educate readers on some things about current and former Cardinal greats that...Continue reading »

We continue our “Armageddon” countdown today with 8 days left. If you missed yesterday’s opening countdown piece, you can view it by...Continue reading »

There are only nine days left until “Armageddon”, December 28th, when the Cardinals play Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl and Kentucky in...Continue reading »

Damian Copeland with the Keg of Nails after the overtime win in 2012 The Keg of Nails Trophy will be staying in Louisville’s trophy case after the...Continue reading »