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Being a football junkie and being bummed every season when it’s over, one thing I like to do is start breaking down the “proposed roster”...Continue reading »

LSL will be broadcasting from UofL’s campus next week as ESPN 680 has officially moved to Cardinal Towne.  UofL President Dr. James Ramsey welcomed...Continue reading »

The only show in town dedicated to talking solely UofL football, basketball, and recruiting is tonight at 6:00 on ESPN 680 and ...Continue reading »

Photo – AP *The UofL-UCF game made SI’s Top 25 games of 2013 11. UCF 38, Louisville 35 (Oct. 18) Before Blake Bortles and Storm Johnson were...Continue reading »

The only sports talk show in town dedicated to talk solely UofL football, basketball, and recruiting is back this Wednesday night at 7:00 on ESPN 680...Continue reading »

Photo – We’ve been through this before Card fans.  After a lot of success it seems, our football coach is destined to leave. ...Continue reading »

Your all-UofL sports talk show will be on the air Tuesday morning from 10:00am to noon on ESPN 680 and immediately after the Drew...Continue reading »

It’s finally here! Well almost anyway. Armageddon is still a little over twenty four hours away but finally we have reached the one’s in this...Continue reading »

Your all UofL sports talk show is back on a special day and time - tomorrow morning from 10:00 am to noon on ESPN 680 and - to preview...Continue reading »

The game is just two days away (like you didn’t know that) and that alone gives you more reason to make fun of our “friends” to the east. ...Continue reading »