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Locally, a few days ago a news story surfaced that was really a non-story; Maryland is still fighting the ACC’s exit fee of $52 million.  It’s...Continue reading »

  Since the Cards play tomorrow, LSL is on today at 6:00 on ESPN 680 and talking all things UofL sports.  On today’s show...Continue reading »

Ahh Halloween.The scariest, most fiendishly delightful day of the year. When people dress up like idiots, skanks try to out-skank one another and children...Continue reading »

The only show in town dedicated to talking strictly UofL sports is on tonight at 6 on ESPN 680 and  We’ll discuss the blowout...Continue reading »

A Mississippi man was indicted today after attempting to extort $3.5 million from UofL’s athletics department, alleging that Chane Behanan, Gorgui...Continue reading »

LSL comes to you on a Tuesday night this week at 6:00 on ESPN 680 and and the only show in town dedicated to talking only UofL football,...Continue reading »

Photo – @ULFlyingCard The season’s biggest game is a few hours away.  Wear red and get rowdy as the Cards and Knights kick off at 8:00 tonight on ESPN. *The Knights will try to contain Teddy It will be tough to shake him up. “I think he has all the characteristics you’re looking for,” UCF coach George O’Leary said. “You can see...Continue reading »

While it was never really serious, Tom Jurich’s name was mentioned several times as a top candidate to replace DeLoss Dodds at Texas.  Most people...Continue reading »

LSL, the only show in town that talks only UofL football, basketball, and recruiting is on ESPN 680 and tonight at 6:00.  The guys...Continue reading »

  (Photo — ESPN) DeLoss Dodds, the athletic director for the University of Texas, announced on Tuesday he is stepping down next August. That...Continue reading »