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“Who, me?”  WWW laughs at you, NCAA World Wide Wes wants Friday links, and damnit, WWW gets what he wants. – This is an  absolute must read from Gary Parrish published last night on his blog. It summarizes World Wide Wes in a nutshell and provides all the insight you need to connect the dots and see just how extraordinary the gray area in college...Continue reading »

Stay tuned to the site later this afternoon as we’ll be posting our 32nd podcast featuring perhaps our best lineup of guests yet. – First up we’ll bring on Phil Steele, author and publisher of Phil Steele’s College Football Preview, the most accurate preseason college football publication on the market. We’ll discuss Louisville’s chances...Continue reading »

Looks like I’m not the only one using Fake Senore’s gardening advice It’s hot, I’m cranky, so here are the links….. -More pictures of the new football uniforms – Good read here from Zag’s Blog on Samardo Samuels after completing his first year in the NBA. I never really got the feeling ‘Mardo enjoyed his time here at Louisville,...Continue reading »

Just by watching this past year’s 25-10 Cardinals basketball team, one can tell it was much improved from the 20-13 squad the previous year.  However, once you go inside the numbers of three major contributors from this year’s team: Kuric, Chris Smith, and Siva, it is easy to tell that their improvement and growth made the difference in the 2010-11 team’s...Continue reading »

As Brent alluded earlier, The C-J didn’t have any mention of the hometown team in Sunday’s paper.  So, LSL will take it from here…. Coach Strong gives an update on the program before Fall camp opens. Winners and losers in conference re-alignment Only one Cardinal makes the EA Sports First Team All-Big East Updated Louisville Basketball schedule   VN:F...Continue reading »

    The football season will start in about 5 weeks and now about all of the pre-season rankings are out.  If you are from Lazy Lexington or just don’t feel like looking all of them up yourself, don’t worry, LSL has got you covered! Sporting News #44 (click link for Will Stein quote) Yahoo!/Rivals #61 Phil Steele #69 Athlon #72 Lindy’s #72 New...Continue reading »

It’s just a matter of ‘when’ for Bridgewater Halfway through this crappy week…’s some links to get you through the day. – ESPN Big East blogger Andrea Adelson has begun her countdown of position rankings throughout the league, and this morning she posted her updated Wide Receivers list. It’s hard to swallow seeing the Cards...Continue reading »

You know you’re getting old when you go to a wedding on a Friday night and you still don’t feel right by Sunday. I bent down earlier to tie my shoes and got so light-headed I thought I might pass out. Not Darius Ashley in the T-Bell drive-through pass out, but you catch my drift. – In the latest installment of “where are they now”, former...Continue reading »

Louisville head coach Charlie Strong spoke to the media yesterday and announced that troubled cornerback, Darius Ashley, has been suspended indefinitely from the team. Strong vowed that the staff and University will support Ashley in any way that it can, and that the immediate action should be to help the talented youngster overcome his demons and get back on track with...Continue reading »

Francisco Garcia is probably the best Louisville player in the league   As it stands right now, there are currently four former Louisville players on NBA rosters (Francisco Garcia, Terrence Williams, Samardo Samuels and Earl Clark). Just four from a school that loves to debate its status as a top 5-10 program in college basketball. Just four for from a school that...Continue reading »

Darius Ashley’s mugshot says stay tuned to the site……   Stay tuned to the site for Podcast #30 later today as we bring on new ESPN Big East writer / blogger, Andrea Adelson. Also on tap: *Darius Ashley’s drunken escapades *NBA Top 100 Camp Review *Updated basketball rankings for 2011 – Louisville checks in at #5 *Louisville’s basketball...Continue reading »

Grab a coffee, rub the crust from your eyeballs and sit back – here’s the early news from this fine, dreary Wednesday morning. – Our guest on this afternoon’s show, ESPN Big East blogger Andrea Adelson, has been compiling a series of columns chronicling each Big East team and their chances of winning the conference title this season. This morning...Continue reading »

We want Rodney – I mean Rotnei   Well it’s not Monday anymore, so, I guess we have that going for us… on to the links. – Yesterday’s announcement that Louisville cornerback Darius Ashley got arrested and charged with his second DUI in 7 months, is an enormous blow to the Cardinals’ secondary. First it was falling asleep in...Continue reading »