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  DeJuan Wheat Highlights! There’s absolutely no doubt that Dr. Dunkenstein, Darrell Griffith, is the greatest Louisville Cardinal basketball player of all time. He ranks first all-time in scoring (2,333 points), was a unanimous First-Team All-American and Wooden Award Winner, set an all-time Louisville record for most points in a single season (825), was voted...Continue reading »

The Business of College Sports website released its updated rankings of the 50 most profitable college sports programs in the nation. Checking in at #21, is Louisville basketball. It’s also the only non-football program to make the top-25. The numbers are always done in the rears, so this reflects the 2009-2010 season. Here’s a quick excerpt, or you can read...Continue reading »

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there – and RIP to big Lep, we miss you every day. – Yahoo Sports national college basketball writer, Jason King posted a column listing the top dunkers in the nation. Among those that made the list, Louisville’s own King Kyle Kuric. And to be sure that no one has forgotten, let’s take one more...Continue reading »

Mitch McGary   Ethan has a ton of info from the second day of the NBA Top 100 camp, and it should be up on the site today. But in the meantime, here’s a good update from the Courier’s Jody Demling. Lot’s of new Louisville targets in action and there were some big performances as well as an appearance by a guy named “Chicken”.  Also,...Continue reading »

There’s a short-list of people on the “All-time worst first pitch at a Major League Baseball game” roster – they include notorious hurlers Caron Butler, Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory, Maria Carey and President Obama. After appearing at a Washington Nationals game last night and throwing a four-foot bounce pass, you can now add Wizards point guard...Continue reading »

Over the last few weeks we’ve had some people reach out and let us know that the iTunes feed for the new site wasn’t properly working. Everything is fixed and it’s back up and running. You can subscribe now, and we’re even working on a way to merge the old feed to the new one, so hopefully you want have to do anything. If you’re not an iTunes...Continue reading »

“High and tight is, like, totally in right now”   While Ethan’s down in Charlottesville drinking beer, eating good food and watching the best players in the country at the NBA Top 100 camp, I’m sitting in my office at 7:30 in the morning ready to kill the fat lady in the hallway that won’t stop humming “Hit me Baby One More Time”. ...Continue reading »

Greg Scruggs, current Louisville Defensive End and former drummer for the Cincinnati St. Xavier Bombers Great article in the Courier yesterday about Greg Scruggs. Coach Hurtt believes that the sky is the limit for Scruggs and I tend to agree, especially when you consider that this is only his 5th year of organized football. Scratch that. His 3rd year of organized football...Continue reading »

Later this afternoon we’ll be joined by The Sporting News’ national college basketball writer, Mike Decourcy and former Louisville Cardinal and current Atlanta Falcon, Chris Redman. We’ll debate Decourcy on his now-infamous “top ten” list from last week, and get his take on the Louisville basketball team for 2011-2012. Then we’ll catch...Continue reading »

  As the dust settles on all the new preseason college football rags, you’ve probably burned out your eyeballs from reading Athlon and Phil Steele from cover to cover. Nevertheless, the Big East has now officially jumped in and released its own 2011 season preview.  Right here you can get a comprehensive look at each team, their schedule break-down, strengths,...Continue reading »

Yesterday, on his Courier-Journal blog page, columnist Rick Bozich stated that Louisville is no longer an option for Western High School product Ryan Taylor. There was no detailed explanation behind the quote. This, just days after Taylor was telling anyone that would listen that he’s still committed to Louisville and hopes to be there either this fall, or at worst,...Continue reading »

– It’s almost Friday, and in honor of the greatness that is The Black Keys and the fact that they’re playing tomorrow night in Indy, I give you this youtube clip that does not suck.   – Last night the Junior and Senior Indiana state All-Star teams went head-to-head for the second straight night. This time the Junior squad got the win after...Continue reading »

  Since Rick Pitino’s press conference yesterday morning, there’s been a ton of fan speculation on the message boards and sports radio about the controversial decision to remove Kyle Kuric’s scholarship in order to make room for the five new additions to the team (Luke Hancock, Kevin Ware, Chane Behanan, Wayne Blackshear, Aangel Nunez, and Zach...Continue reading »