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So last year I shared with you guys a few pretty awesome / fairly inappropriate last minute Halloween costumes for your kids and it seemed to go over pretty well. As such, I figured why not do it again? Only this time I wanted to amp up the inappropriateness and really showcase some of the most moronic and completely inexplicable images you’ll ever see. Then again...Continue reading »

LSL is back this week on ESPN 680/105.7 and at 6:00 talking all things UofL football,basketball, and recruiting.  The guys will discuss...Continue reading »

Your all UofL sports talk show is back tonight at 6:00 on ESPN 680/105.7 and talking all things Cardinal athletics.  The guys will...Continue reading »

Photo – CBS’ Jim Nantz said what all of CardNation has said since he had his bad Pro Day; it’s stupid to drop Teddy’s draft...Continue reading »

You know it, I know it, all Louisvillians know it – UofL fans dominate (as they should) Jefferson County.  Many Cayut fans want you to believe...Continue reading »

LSL is back on regular rotation on ESPN 680/105.7 and starting tonight at 6:00.  The guys will be discussing who should start at QB,...Continue reading »

Photo – When the financial earnings reports came out this summer for all the shoe companies, it showed adidas trailing not only Nike,...Continue reading »

Photo – The Voice Tribune It’s a question that many UofL fans have asked for the last day or so; should Louisville have re-signed with adidas? ...Continue reading »

You hear the saying “time flies” throughout your life and those two words certainly apply here at Louisville Sports Live.  Back in September...Continue reading »

  Louisville fans, meet Canes Shades. He’s basically the Miami version of Casual Gamer Reed. Except he doesn’t game casually, and he spits a whole lot when he talks. He’s the best. And the absolute fucking worst. Canes Shades, who resides in the barrio’s of the detritus filled slums of Coral Gables, spends his time talking nonsense on the...Continue reading »