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For our favorite college basketball teams, March brings endless possibilities. There’s the temptation of penciling in your team in the Final Four before you’ve even picked any other games. You set some cash to the side in the event that you’ll be buying a Final Four shirt in a couple of weeks. Those possibilities are all March sunshine, but there’s...Continue reading »

Photo – Selection Sunday is over so let’s see how Louisville stacks up nationally in the NCAA Tournament’s history. Most NCAA...Continue reading »

I’ve been sick of hearing about The Scandal for a while now. When UofL received the NCAA’s response this week to the school’s defense of men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino, I was so grateful that Lavar Ball was being given a platform by the national sports media. Otherwise, I think we all know what kind of firestorm we’d be having to endure...Continue reading »

Deng Adel lands a thunder dunk against Michigan’s D.J. Wilson. (Courtesy SB Nation) It usually takes a few days for me to decompress after Louisville’s...Continue reading »

Photo – AP Louisville basketball is fortunate to have just three coaches over a 69-year span. That’s a lot of winning and success. What...Continue reading »

(Photo – Gary Graves, Associated Press) This question made the rounds when Donovan Mitchell took over in 6-game stretch for an injured Quentin Snider....Continue reading »

Photo – It was March 7, 2015 when another member of the family was permanently written into the Cardinal fans’ hall of fame. There...Continue reading »

If the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament taught us anything, it’s that Chrissie Hynde, James Honeyman-Scott, Pete Farndon, and Martin Chambers...Continue reading »

Photo by Joe Nicholson, USA Today The end of the season marked Coach Pitino’s 16th year at the school, and if you look at the overall body of work,...Continue reading »

Photo – AP Improve Basketball IQ – this was this team’s ultimate undoing.  The head scratching decision making, blowing second...Continue reading »

Deng Adel lands a thunder dunk against Michigan’s D.J. Wilson. (Courtesy SB Nation) I would like to say I was surprised by Louisville’s 73-69 loss...Continue reading »

Though it has been a rocky sophomore NBA season for former Louisville Cardinal Terry Rozier, he is enjoying late-season success with the Boston Celtics. Due...Continue reading »

Photo – AP We’ve all had time to take a deep breath, block annoying people from that fan base on our timelines, and maybe even swear off basketball...Continue reading »