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Photo by Lopes Athletics As soon as the buzzer sounds, the polls for the next season are published. As expected, the Cards are ranked high as big things...Continue reading »

Photo – The tourney – and our pain – is over, so here ‘s another look at where Louisville stacks up nationally in the NCAA...Continue reading »

Photo by Joe Nicholson, USA Today The end of the season marked Coach Pitino’s 15th year at the school, and if you look at the overall body of work,...Continue reading »

Photo – Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports The Boston Celtics’ Terry Rozier helped end the Golden State Warriors’ 54-game home winning streak...Continue reading »

Another champions will be crowned this Monday in Houston.  What that said, why not take a look back at that run from three years ago? VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please...Continue reading »

Photo – Casey Sapio, USA TODAY Sports   Following the sudden splitting up of Louisville and three-star 2016 shooting guard Frankie Hughes earlier...Continue reading »

Photo – Houston Rockets’ Twitter page Former Louisville star Montrezl Harrell has been suspended by the NBDL for an incident involving a referee. The...Continue reading »

Photo – Louisville Cardinals star Damion Lee lost the opportunity to play in the postseason, but on Saturday night, he caught a glimpse...Continue reading »

Photo – Jason Bradwell, Getty Images   Unless he magically grows six inches overnight or changes his last name to Curry, there’s not a...Continue reading »

Photo – Once Kenny Johnson got his raise and new title last week, he and Coach P have been on the recruiting trail evaluating prospects...Continue reading »

Photo –   In a bit of surprising news Tuesday afternoon, director of basketball recruiting Evan Daniels reported Louisville...Continue reading »

Photo –   Card Nation has slowly started the recovery phases of having their postseason opportunity taken away from their beloved...Continue reading »

Our friend and creator of our intro and outro music, Ken Harbison, created a great tribute to graduate transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis.  Check it...Continue reading »