Cards Using Legaux’s Comments As Bulletin Board Material

Posted on Oct 25 2012 - 2:18pm by Brent Lepping

On Tuesday night we talked on our radio show about Cincinnati QB Munchie Legaux’s comments about Teddy Bridgewater. And for those that missed the story all together, he was asked by a UC reporter whether or not he and Bridgewater were similar type players and if they had comparable skills. Rather than answer the question, Legaux simply replied, “yeah, I’m better.” Now, I understand being confident in your abilities and if the question was “Are you better than Bridgewater?”, then sure, I’d understand it. But that wasn’t the question and his answer was cocky and certainly a bit misguided. But by now most of you knew about those comments. On Tuesday evening we talked about whether or not the staff would use Legaux’s comments as bulletin board material. The general consensus was that the team probably didn’t need any extra motivation, given the fact that Cincinnati has owned the Cards lately and has won the last four meetings. That in itself should be motivation enough. But, apparently after a tweet today from ESPN sideline reporter Jemele Hill (who’s working the game tomorrow and was at the football complex today meeting with coaches and players), the bulletin board material is alive and well. It’s nothing new for football – and basketball – teams to use media comments or opposing player quotes as motivational tools, and now we have proof that Louisville is taking all the ammo it can get. Hill deleted her tweet shortly after sending it, but plenty of internet-savvy fans caught screen shots of this picture inside the UofL football complex. Take a look for yourself below.

I get the feeling that tomorrow is gonna be big time, how bout’ you?

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