Big East Basketball Schools to Consider Breaking Away from League

Posted on Dec 10 2012 - 11:15pm by Ethan Moore

According to Mark Blaudshun of, the seven Catholic basketball-only schools held a meeting Monday in New York to discuss their options going forward.  They have set a 6-month window to make a decision on whether to break off from the football playing members.  You can imagine schools like Georgetown and Villanova aren’t too pumped up about playing Tulane and SMU on the hardwood.  No word on if the six other schools will banish DePaul to the Summit League when everything is all said and done.

In what could be the first step towards the collapse of the Big East football/basketball structure, officials of the 7 non-football playing Big East basketball schools held a meeting in New York on Monday to discuss breaking off on their own. According to sources familiar with the talks, the conference included not only athletic directors, but Presidents as well. A time frame of six months was set up  to make a decision whether to break off on their own or continue to stay within the frame work of a conference whose configuration has changed steadily over the last several months. That time frame may be predicated on the nature of a new television football/basketball contract the Big East is currently trying to put together.

Here’s a little more information in detail of the meeting and how the basketball schools feel about the new direction of the league.

The seven schools are concerned about the additions of full members Memphis, Temple, Tulane, Central Florida, SMU and Houston, and football-only member East Carolina over the next two years to replace departing Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville, Rutgers and Notre Dame.

“The basketball schools are not thrilled with Tulane and what they will do to the league’s RPI,” said a league source from a football-playing member. “They were not all that excited with that addition.”

The source added that “the basketball schools would have fallen off the ledge if we would have added East Carolina as a full member and what that would have done to the basketball league.”

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  1. Fabb December 10, 2012 at 11:27 pm - Reply

    This is all the previous Big East commissioners fault, that dumb ass should have been more proactive but I tell ya I’m so glad Louisville got out OMG!

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  2. BigOwensboroCard December 11, 2012 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Well if they do split then that should free up Louisville for a move to the ACC in 13 rather than 2014. The only thing I would like to see Louisville as well as other departing members receive is their shares of the NCAA credits that are worth a lot of money. This will more than likely be a vote not to split, but to dissolve the conference entirely if I read the articles correctly. So if this happens then Louisville might be able to get away for nothing unlike other departing members who had to pay an exit fee. Hopefully the Cards land in the ACC for the start of the academic year in 2013 for that would be sweet. Go Cards

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