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Nick Burch

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  Two things during Louisville’s four-game win streak are true: (1) David Padgett is improving every game as a head coach, and (2) there is...Continue reading »

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It is not exactly a secret that not every sequel, revamp, makeover, or version 2.0 will automatically be an upgrade over the predecessor. In many cases,...Continue reading »

(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)   With all but three games remaining on the 2017 schedule, there is no use denying that the 2017 Louisville football...Continue reading »

(Photo –   The Louisville Cardinals football team, a projected top-20 team entering the 2017 season with the reigning Heisman Trophy...Continue reading »

There is a theory making the rounds on social media and Louisville fan sites that without the leadership of Tom Jurich, athletics at the University of...Continue reading »

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(Photo –   Few things in the lives of average Americans build up our hopes and then brutally let us down quite like sequels...Continue reading »

(Photo – Getty Images)   The sound of Johnny Cash’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is in all likelihood subconsciously, yet...Continue reading »

“He’s just threatened by you. He’s afraid you’ll steal his thunder.” These are the words PGA publicist Virginia Bennett uttered in the 1996...Continue reading »