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There is a theory making the rounds on social media and Louisville fan sites that without the leadership of Tom Jurich, athletics at the University of...Continue reading »

(Photo – Jim Brown, USA TODAY Sports)   Will the old Bobby Petrino please stand up? This is the question Louisville football fans are continuing...Continue reading »

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(Photo –   Few things in the lives of average Americans build up our hopes and then brutally let us down quite like sequels...Continue reading »

(Photo – Getty Images)   The sound of Johnny Cash’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is in all likelihood subconsciously, yet...Continue reading »

“He’s just threatened by you. He’s afraid you’ll steal his thunder.” These are the words PGA publicist Virginia Bennett uttered in the 1996...Continue reading »

(Photo – Eric Crawford, WDRB)   It was no less stress-inducing than the surprisingly close win over Purdue, but Louisville is officially 2-0...Continue reading »

(Photo – Getty Images)   The 2017 football season is off and running, and while Louisville left the opening weekend sitting at 1-0, the overall...Continue reading »

(Photo – Michael Conroy, Associated Press)   Finally, after months of waiting to redeem themselves after a mind-boggling three-game face plant...Continue reading »

(Photo – Associated Press)   After months of having to taste the bitter flavor of the final half of the 2016 football season, the Louisville...Continue reading »

(Photo –   During Louisville’s tailspin throughout the last three games of the 2016 season, no group was more criticized...Continue reading »

There may not be another Heisman Trophy winner in the history of the award who has received as much disrespect and criticism as Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Whether...Continue reading »

(Photo –   During ACC media days, Louisville coach Bobby Petrino made it clear that he wanted to put an emphasis in the coming season...Continue reading »