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Ethan Moore

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Photo – AP Currently, both teams are 7-4.  UofL appears to be coming out of their funk and UK is on the verge of one of their best seasons in...Continue reading »

we had a jam-packed LSL show last night as we had NBC News’ Tom Winter on to discuss the latest on the FBI investigation and the federal indictments. ...Continue reading »

The guys spoke to Interim AD Vince Tyra about his short term goals for the athletics program, his message to the fanbase, his thoughts on working with...Continue reading »

Photo – 247Sports The defense has reached Kragthorpian levels of ineptness. Missed tackles, 10 men on the field, receivers wide open, and opponents...Continue reading »

On this episode of LSL, the guys spoke to’s Larry Williams on Saturday’s upcoming matchup. In the second hour, Dez Fitzpatrick’s...Continue reading »

On this episode of LSL, the guys spoke on the positives and the not so positives from the Purdue game including the Heisman winner’s performance,...Continue reading »

Saturday’s game against Purdue was a win, but it wasn’t pretty. And while you have to expect some sluggish play in the first game of the season,...Continue reading »

By: Guest Columnist Chris Hatfield (@_ChrisHatfield) It’s like going to funeral home and not seeing anyone grieve. Something is odd. Something is...Continue reading »

On this episode of LSL, we discussed the upcoming season and offered up our predictions along with The C-J’s Steve Jones,’s...Continue reading »

As we’ve been saying for months on LSL Radio, UofL is set to sign a blockbuster deal with adidas, making it the 4th largest apparel deal in the...Continue reading »

The No. 16 Louisville Cardinals have a manageable schedule as there are just two ranked teams – FSU at No. 3 and Clemson at No. 5. A closer look...Continue reading »

(Photo – Todd Van Emst/Heisman Trophy Trust via AP, Pool) Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt ruffled the collective feathers of CardNation...Continue reading »

On this episode of LSL, the guys spoke to Fox Sports’ Tim Brando about his upcoming call of the Louisville-Purdue game, Lamar being ignored, and...Continue reading »