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Ian Borders

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When  it comes to March Madness, a team’s success is directly linked to the effectiveness of their guard play.  If a team is going to have any kind of push to the third weekend of the NCAA tournament, the point guard specifically must have a major impact, not only in getting his team involved, but also himself. Look at the past three champions. The 2012-2013...Continue reading »

Anyone who has ever coached can tell you that one of the biggest nightmares that  goes along with the job involves keeping players with bright smiles on their faces and keeping their mindset all about the team. Often times though, dilemmas erupt from players who start feeling as though they should be seeing the court or field much more than they are. On most cases,...Continue reading »

As I was watching the Manhattan game yesterday evening with a few friends, a conversation sparked about the importance and effectiveness of two crucial Cardinal players. As the conversation heated up, flames of bets started erupting across the room, and I suddently  found myself in a healthy debate about the progress and eventual production of the sophomores Wayne...Continue reading »

As the season evolved late last year, Cards fans high and wide realized the gift that had been blessed upon us with the arrival of freshmen Chane Behanan, who was beginning to dominate both the offensive and defensive rebounding in post-season games. As the final four run neared its end, some speculators even toyed with the thought of Chane leaving early, forgoing...Continue reading »

I love this time of year. The weather is cooling down. The “Oktoberfest” style beer is flowing. Football is in full swing (with an undefeated squad) and basketball is knocking at the door (with a top 3 pre-season ranking depending on the polls). I think you can now understand my excitement to sit courtside for the Red-White pointless scrimmage on Saturday...Continue reading »

We as Louisville fans rock our grinch-like ear-to-ear smiles when it comes to raving about Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. We are all high fives and fist bumps with an occasional under armor arm lock anytime his name is brought up. UK fans get extra salty just hearing his name. But is he as good as we in Cardinal Nation believe? How does the rest of the nation...Continue reading »

With the conference re-alignment talk taking center stage again this summer, two conferences have been echoing through the Louisville channels: the Big 12 (which is nothing new) and the ACC. The fact that Louisville will be leaving the Big East soon seems all but written in stone, but which conference would you rather the Cards end up in? These two conferences seem...Continue reading »

In the dead summer season for college sports, we all need a nice pick me up to hold us over until September when the Cards hit the gridiron. Now, don’t get me wrong….We all love football, and this year’s team will be very exciting to watch…….. ….BUT….I had a whole new energy for basketball after seeing this post from Big Time...Continue reading »

If you are anything like me, then you love watching an explosive defense flat out take over a game. Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy a long pass, or a stiff arming, juking run…but there is nothing like expecting big hits, fumbles, and interceptions when the other team has the ball. The first match-up in the regular season between Alabama (“roll tide”) and...Continue reading »

Will Louisville flex its muscles with the 2013 class? Every true Cardinal fan has seen the pre-season polls for next season with the Cards ranking among the elite teams in the country (#2 by Andy Katz; #1 by Dickie V). But what is to happen after that? Are the Cards going to fold and finish out the last few years of Pitino on a downward tumble? Louisville only has one...Continue reading »

The chemistry on this team is obvious on the court. But it all started off the court…. Have a bit of fun with Gorgui and Chane! VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)...

It is all starting to make sense… Once the regular season came to a close, and the Cards lost those unbearable games against South Florida and Syracuse, Cardinal Nation was looking for any kind of rebirth or transformation for the team. Fans were envisioning another season with a one and done tournament performance, looking for anywhere to bury their head ostrich...Continue reading »

These two teams are eerily similar. Much like the Cards, the Florida Gators are hitting their stride at the right time of the year. The Gators finished the regular season losing 5 out of their last 8 games (including the last three). Very similar to the Cards. Since the NCAA tournament though, the Gators have clamped down, and have won each game by an average of 23.3 points. Florida...Continue reading »