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Brent Lepping

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(Frank Victores / USA Today) With the Draft just over a month away, all 30 NBA franchises are beginning to do individual workouts with available players....Continue reading »

(Frank Franklin / Associated Press) Bad pro day, small hands, potential heart issues and a less than gregarious personality. Former Louisville QB Teddy...Continue reading »

(Andy Lyons – Getty Images) I know this story is technically a few days old at this point, but some new details have come to light and Russ, Russ...Continue reading »

(Photo – Adam Glanzman) Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino appeared on the Terry Meiners Show on WHAS-84 yesterday afternoon to give an overall update...Continue reading »

(Photo – Craig Ruttle / Associated Press) It was the greatest night in the history of the program. Oh wait, this isn’t UK basketball. Apologies...Continue reading »

(Photo – USA Today) I know our site is chalked full of Teddy Bridgwater stories lately, but when the kid does stuff like this, it’s hard to keep his name off the front lines. After promising his Mom Rose back when he was in third grade that he would one day buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade, the former Louisville QB made good yesterday and delivered on that...Continue reading »

(Photo – USA Today) Quick disclaimer: I like Mark Schlabach. He’s a good guy and he obviously knows the sport of college football quite well....Continue reading »

(Andy Lyons – Getty Images) With the draft only three days away now, it’s probably safe to say that every NFL team has a pretty good idea...Continue reading »

(Photo – Andy Lyons / Getty Images) According to a report from the LMPD, Louisville center Mangok Mathiang was arrested around 7:30 Saturday night...Continue reading »

(Photo – UofL Athletics) Well, so far we knew that Louisville had put together perhaps its most difficult schedule of all time for the 2014-2015...Continue reading »